Is there still money to made in the United Arab Emirates?

  1. Economy is in poor condition in Ireland. Public Sector Employees (includes healthcare) paying >50% of their wages in taxes / levies. Impossible to stay and support youngsters in college. First choice is Australia for lifestyle however listening to allnurses,financially it would appear that earnings are comparable. Does anyone know what's going on in the UAE? Where is good, what are they paying, travel, annual leave, lifestyle etc.
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  3. by   redranger
    Dubai is suppose to be amazing. Outrageous with lots of money flowing there.

    I await an answer to this question from someone working there as well.
  4. by   frustratednurse
    Money is not flowing in Dubai at the moment due to lowered price of oil. But nurse pay is good anyways, For a theater nurse it is around 8,000 dirhams or 103,000 Philippine peso (Note: I am not a nurse in Dubai). It's the contract of my immediate supervisor and he is already in Dubai right now. But his flight was delayed by 3 months because of the financial difficulties in Dubai right now.
  5. by   birdrecruit
    Salary is about equivalent or a bit less than the UK. What you have to consider is that in the UAE you will get a tax free salary, free accommodation, free flights, and a bonus (sometimes one month's salary for each year worked). The UAE is also free of the stealth taxes that the UK has - in the UK you actually pay 7 months of your income in direct and indirect taxes. Best of all is the UAE lifestyle -no need to lock your car and customer service is fantastic. You need to get yourself a good recruitment agent to get yourself over there - someone who isn't going to charge you a fee: Bridgewater International is excellent. Hope this helps.