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  1. by   Golden Voyager
    GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. This course is equivalent to both an RN (Registered Nurse) and an RM (Registered Midwife) in India.

    I hope this helped those who might have a similar question.

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  2. by   sr.nancy
    Quote from indyan
    I have completed my GNM from jharkhand nursing council about 2 year back and serving in tata main hospital as staff nurse since then.
    Now after going through posts i am getting confused. I don't know what registered nurse means.
    I have GNM diploma certificate(3,1/2 year course ), So am i a Registered nurse or not?
    If not then what i need to become a registered nurse?
    Please help...

    PS- I am asking this question for what is registered nurse in India. In US there is another exam to be cleeared to become registered nurse. But what about india? A GNM is/equivalent to registered nurse in india?
    Hi Indyan
    I came across you querie and since its been posted for sometime now,i hope you've got a satisfactory answer.
    This is what i know
    In India you are eligible to become a registed nurse on completion of GNM /BSc Nursing course . But this doesn't mean you become an RN/RM by default ...You're only allowed to practice under the regulations of the government .For this you need to register yourself under the respective state Nursing Council ,in your case Nursing Council of Jharkhad. No,there is no registration exam .If you do not possess a state Nursing Council registration ,you are NOT a RN. Working as a nurse without registration is ILLEGAL !!!
    Registration is an easy procedure. You just need to fill out an application with details of course of study etc.,pay the amount of money required . The council will add your name to their register and send you the Certificate of Registration with registration number .
    For further details go to the Indian Nursing Council website .