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  1. why there is no division of indian nurses in this page.Its made me wonder as because am a indian nurse.Because a large part of the world there are indian nurses
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Because we have no demand for it. We very rarely see Indian nurses post about nursing and studying in India in the same way we don't see nurses from other countries post about their country and things they are going through, except the countries that have a sub forum because there was a demand for it. If there is a demand then we can review it again
  4. by   munch666nath
    its ok i had the query regarding that matter because a lot of indian nurses are working in gulf countries european countries as well as usa.
  5. by   sr.nancy
    I am a Indian nurse. I love allnurses and am glad that you have setup an exclusive forum for us.But sadly all Indian RN want to talk about is immegration . There are millions of us working in India. Let's talk about what's going on in our profession in India. For instance the recent nursing strikes in various places across our country . This is also a good platform for discussing our professional experiences both in India and abroad . An Indian nurse can understand an Indian nurse better.
    So all those Indian nurses in allnurses,please share !
    Looking forward for your posts
  6. by   rinks2010
    Hi All,

    I am a Canadian nurse (basically from Punjab) and planning to go back to India for my further studies.
  7. by   zalaRN
    Hello All , I am US RN, Originally from Gujarat, India.