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I'm a registered nurse from Ireland trying to get a job in Spain, does anyone have any experience of this? I have already registered with the "Bolsa" to try and get a job in the public health service. I realise however that I am... Read More

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    Hahahaha, so you speak Spanish! It's ok, that way I can practice my English. I'm from Valencia and I'm on a leave of absence (?) because my job consists on working long shifts (17-24h) and I have two little kids and it was nearly impossible to combine my current job with my family. So, my husband found a job there and we decided to move, at least until the things in Spain get better. Honestly, I don't think this is going to be any time soon, I even didn't try to find another job as a nurse here. I don't know how the bolsa

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    I don't know how the bolsa works in Madrid, but in Valencia is horrible. So, I'm excited about new opportunities, it will be hard, but it's ok.I think the countries you're thinking of are really good to work as a nurse, it's very good in Sweden too, but not sure.
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    Yes, I speak Spanish :-D but we cannot use any other language in this forum except English. That's why I wanted to send you a private message, it is easier in Spanish for both of us ;-)

    I don't think things in Spain are going to be better in the near future either. In Madrid the bolsa is horrible too. We only have a chance in summer. Too many people for too few job positions, you know. So it's time for me to emigrate. After summer I hope to get a job abroad.

    Good luck with your new life in North Carolina!
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    Good luck to you too!!

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