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I just graduated from nursing school and i just landed a job out of state.the only problem is that i am petrified to go to work. I only been at my job for 3 months and I want to quit. My company paid... Read More

  1. by   Redvyolet4
    I am on medsurge/onco. @mcas i am new to this site how do you message someone privately.
  2. by   mcas
    I work on surgical step-down unit. I work with all new employees on my unit, specifically the new grads, I arrange their preceptorship and other experiences that they need to have to function on our unit, even if I have to go to other units. We have a hospital wide new grad residency program and there are specific protocol in place that we follow. Before we get to the point of extending orientation, we would have addressed this and try to find some solution. Even if it means transferring to another position. I've not had a situation that has led to that since I've been involved with the program since 2010. I meet with the new grad and preceptors throughout the 12 weeks that they're on orientation, to see where they are, I have had to counsel preceptors and new grads, I've had to decrease patient load and we're usually able to catch the problem before extending orientation. Every new grad has a mentor on the unit besides me that also checks in, we have a "earn your wing" ceremony as a way to let everyone know to be extra available to the new grad on their shift, I work with the schedule coordinator to balance the skill mix to reflect that. It's still a work in progress, but it works for our unit. My manager gives me free range to make adjustments as I see fit, I always run things by him first.
  3. by   mcas
    I sent you a PM with my contact information. You have to have a number of posts before you can PM.
  4. by   Glycerine82
    Stick it out and refrain from insulting the locals by referring to your new location as "so country". This is coming from someone who moved from MA to SC, so I promise I know what you're saying. You have to get used to two things, a new location as well as a new job/career. Being a new nurse is scary and stressful, and a lot of what you're feeling is probably due to being uprooted while also being a new grad. Try to focus on the job while your at work and let your feelings about your new location come out when you're not at work. Chances are you're looking at your nursing job like your location has a lot to do with how things are, but nursing is nursing.
  5. by   Redvyolet4
    Thank you for your advice. I need to learn to focus on nursing and not so much on the location
  6. by   BrendaD
    Hello new nurse and congratulations to your being at the beginning of what will be a long and beautiful career
    I have over 30 years of nursing from ICU to health education in civilian and military(medical evacuation nursing) jobs. All my jobs have been wonderful! I love taking care of patients, creating new programs even research. But let me say you are going to meet some rude and nasty people along the way. Childhood bullies grow up to be adult bullies. It is sad that things have not changed in all these years that nurses do not protect their young. These negative people will not last, I repeat, will not last. You are a smart and courageous person the nursing profession needs you, patients need you. Make friends with a positive person in that work location find your angel and remember why you chose nursing in the first place. There are so many opportunities out there you will find the right fit for you. Do not give up stay positive and one day you will be one of the best preceptors ever! I am still after 30 years of nursing dealing with negative rude people and bullies. I remain positive, take care of my physical and mental health,connect with the positive people in my life (you will need them). I welcome you into the nursing profession and to a long beautiful career in nursing!
  7. by   Redvyolet4
    @ BrendaD thank you so much for your words. I dont hate nursing i just hate the organization i work for. My boss is a bully everytime he calls me in office is to address rumors he heard about me. He never really takes time to investigate those rumors. So right now i am living in fear. I think its time for me start fresh.