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I am to appear for haad license exams on 14th of october.Pls help me with the haad license past questions and answer... Read More

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    Promotric is for saudi..Haad is for Abu Dhabi..The test is easy, review on doc and computation,,Good luck!

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    Hi Guys! Are there any criterias or eligibilities to take in to consideration before taking the HAAD exam?im planning to take the exam this october..so please tell me if there are any.. And after passing the exam, what's the next thing to do?thank u very much!God bless
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    hi everyone! im planning to take the exam this 1st or 2nd week of oct..just wanna ask if scheduling shouldn't be asap..i mean are the slots are not easily getting full.thanx
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    hello.... that would depend on your location? where are you exactly?
    try check Pearsonvue.
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    @ cijhane..im just from manila..so my options for venue is in STI qc or in Makati..would scheduling for oct shouldn't be a prob? because im planning to pay by the end of sept..thanx
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    i think better you schedule your exams this week since you are from manila.... but check through peason vue...
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    hello colleagues... can i ask about haad exam if it is necessary to have a 2 years working experience before i can take the said examination? thank you!
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    Hello there, can u give me some tips and ideas( maybe books to review) or maybe sample questions of HAAD. I might take this exam on march 2011. REally need it badly. heres my e-mail add == j.estabillo1623@yahoo.com.ph

    Tnx So Much
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    hi im planning to take haad next month but my passport is still on processed.I had a 2year Med-Surgical ward experience in a primary hospital.I just want to ask if I can take Haad?Your reply will be a great help.Thank you!
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    there are no requirements for taking the HAAD exam.just your passport,but 2yrs hospital exp is required in order to apply for the HAAD license..and other docs as well..

    hi forum!..may i ask if there's any expiration for the HAAD pass certification like NCLEX-Cali before acquiring a valid license? hoping for rerplies..thanks!

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