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I am to appear for haad license exams on 14th of october.Pls help me with the haad license past questions and answer... Read More

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    Hi everyone!

    I would just like to ask bout the HAAD exam for nurses.

    What are the eligibility criteria (nurse) to be able to take the test?
    I have 2 years working experience just that I don't have
    hospital-based experience, I have worked mostly for a clinic-type
    setting. Can I take the test without potential employer yet from UAE?

    Or do I just need to create an account at personvue.com, register and
    book for HAAD exam and pay the necessary fee??? Im a bit confused.

    I hope to hear from you soonest guys as I would like to take the exam this
    coming month.

    Thank you very much!
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    hi, i'm planning on taking the exam this coming sept. 2011, can anyone send me review materials through email joanav_03@yahoo.com ... or any tips about the exam... Thanks a lot :redpinkhe
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    HI All Even I am also planning to attend for HAAD exam, If any one have similar or model question papers, Kindly share with me Please.
    My mail id Jisha_sobi@yahoo.com
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    i am to take the haad exam this december. can you send me samble questions for it. i realy want to pass this exam. please send samble model paper to delbinsahayarani@gmail.com and what book should : review? thanks a lot.
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    hi i'm gonna take haad rn exam this coming nov.15 pls send me copies of previous exam questions, tips and or review materials thank you greatly much appreciated killertwix@gmail.com Good day!
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    To anyone in this thread whose already going to or done taking the HAAD exam, i just want to ask if there is eligibility requirement for taking the exam like with NCLEX? or i could just go directly at the website of pearsonvue and schedule the said exam then pay for it? I'm confused because i found the website of HAAD and there is a so called DATAFLOW that you have to accomplish though it isn't said there if it needs to be accomplished before or after the exam? please to anyone who could answer me.. thank you in advance.
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    Dear Colleagues,

    I just want to ask if I can send my documents here in pearsonvue or thru dhl going to abudhabi thanks..
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    to get the license, the experience needed is 2 yrs medical-surgical. is it okay even if the hospital is a PRIMARY hospital?
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    Quote from Bol-anon
    to get the license, the experience needed is 2 yrs medical-surgical. is it okay even if the hospital is a PRIMARY hospital?
    I've been to CANA agency..They told me that in order to process your license for haad you have to have at least a 1 year experience in medical surgical and another 1 year exp in any area.
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    Hi everyone!!!i am planning to take tha HAAD exam also, but i am worried if i passed the exam but they will not give me Haad License because my 2 years experience as a staff nurse is Clinic based in TAIF KSA?does anyone know if they are strict about it?because i want to work in Abu dhabi!thanks and good day to all!!
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    2 years of ER experience would do?
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    hi! i wanna ask if my this following experiences will be qualified for me to take the HAAD exam.. thanks

    N.I.C.U STAFF NURSE March 9, 2011 up to present
    The Farah Hospital
    Amman, Jordan

    N.I.C.U STAFF NURSE February1, 2010- December 15, 2010
    Luzon Medical Center
    Tapuac Dist. Dagupan City Philippines

    CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR June 07, 2007 - January 7, 2010
    Nazareth School of Pangasinan Incorporated
    Sarmiento-Bauzon Bldg. Perez Blvd.
    Dagupan City Pangasinan

    VOLUNTEER NURSE December 12, 2006- January 12, 2007
    Rural Health Units of Mapandan
    Poblacion, Mapandan, Pangasinan

    Are these qualifies me to take the HAAD exam? because i won't still be able to take COE from my previous job here in Jordan unless i finished my 2 years contract. Please help me. Please email your answer at tisha_aquino02@yahoo.com Thank you God Bless...