British nurse wanting to work in Texas

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    Hello, I am hoping someone may be of some help. I am a registered nurse and midwife in the UK and have recently passed the NCLEX examination. I have a CES report from CGFNS and I am now looking for sponsorship. I keep hearing of negative stories about being unable to work in USA due to stricter immigration. I am looking at working in Rural Dallas area but I havent got a clue where to start. Are nurses being allowed to work, how long is it taking and does anyone know where is the best place to start looking for sponsorship?

    Thank you in advance

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    Routes are finding hospital willing to get work permit and may not be affected by H1b cap therefore get work visa quickly otherwise if immigrant then looking at over 4 years due to retrogression and that is once you find employer willing to go this route and file I140 for EB3.

    All you can do is approach hospitals in the areas you want to work
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    ok so will be better looking at a temporary work visa rather than something more permanant. The process is so complicated thats for sure.
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    Do you have a BSN? that is the minimum requirement for H1b unless you have over 12 years work experience. If not then work visa will not be a go.
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    I have a diploma of nursing which is a 3 year course in the UK and a bachelor degree in midwifery.
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    May be an issue as midwifery in the US is a different kettle of fish so may only accept your diploma however they may accept degree in midwifery as the highest but due to how midwifery is in the US I doubt you will get work as a midwife.
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    I am looking to work as an RN hopefully in obstetrics with the potential to go back to school in the US to study a masters in Midwifery one day. I am stuck on the visa screen process at the moment now though. I contacted an agency and they told me start the process but as he is currently on holiday until end of August I feel bad about as him questions as to which visa I should apply for.
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    VSC is same regardless so doesn't matter what you put down but otherwises immigrant and work visa are employer driven so can't do anything about that
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    Ok thank you for your help.
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    I am a registered nurse and a midwife with a total of 14yrs work experience in Nursing and Midwifery, I took the Nclex exams in 2007 and passed, have a active US licence with Vermont Nursing Board but unable to work in the US due to retrogression, is there anyway I will be able to get a visa to work, please help

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