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Hello guys. I am a newbie here. I applied as Staff Nurse in an agency here in Manila. By GOD's wisdom, i passed the exam and interview by the employer of the hospital which is held in Hotel Sofitel... Read More

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    im an sn2...i had my pdos last monday and fully paid my placment fee.kate1032..did u pay alredy?..last monday we wer 2 hu paid and had the sed pdos.,,just w8ng 4 our tiket...ur number kate1032 so i can tx u..

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    can i please remind everyone of the terms of service of the site and to speak clear english
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    hi still any updates about our applications? In just a week our medical will be expired..
    @ kate when will you leaving?
    tnx ...
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    any updates about our application...
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    still waiting for the ticket.......
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    hi im new here...@kate do have ticket already?u have any idea how many visa arrived since march?for me still waiting its been 6 mos but until now we dont have even visa...any updates?pls help tnx....
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    helo guys. i'm new here but like u guys i'm also one of the applicant for nurses in alkharj under arjoy's agency.. i called the agency dis week and ask til how long will gonna wait unfortunately they can't give a direct answer..instead they said they'll been waiting for another visa to arrived...but if how many they still don't fellow applicant im worried if we're waiting for something or those who have info.update me pls..thanx
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    Quote from mickey22
    hi to all!! i have a great news to u all.. don't know if the agency told u guys already. Just wanna share with you.. Since my aunt is working in Al Kharj, as ICU head nurse, she was deeply concerned on our situation with the agency. She personally talked to the medical director of the hospital, (who is not breaking his words, as far as they know him, according to my aunt) they have the visa ready for us.. they are just waiting for the agency to send all our documents (authenticated ones) so they can release the visa.. They are implementing this policy because of some errands they had last year, for those who were given the visa then backed out the last minute... So guys, what the agency is saying is true, they really need our documents for the release of our visa... that is the reason too, i passed my documents today. My aunt said, after a month that the agency send our docu, we will already have our visa. The medical director, did assure that to her... I am not saying this to encourage you all to pass your documents... but at least somehow, to help you decide... it might be worth it, though....
    hi mickey! are you still waiting for your visa or already in al kharj? am just wondering now, what's going on with the application in Al kharj under arjoys. because as what you've said before (according to your aunt), after a month that the agency will send our documents we will already have our visas (and i believe all of us have already completed all the documents on the month of may or earlier).. and its been 5 months now since you posted this message.. maybe if you could ask again your aunt regarding the status of our applications because the agency has run out of reasons to tell us. thank you!

    and anyone here, who are still waiting for their visa like i do? God bless us all!
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    Im presently working here......we have a new management now....K3nanOO,just go to saudi embassy and authenticate your docs again...UAE is different country.when was your interview guys?nowadays small groups of new staffs are coming....and hope to see all of you here....IN GODS time...
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    MICKEY22,who's ur aunt here in ALKHARJ MILITARY HOSPITAL?I think guys visa processing nowadays is too slow due to saudization....but dnt worry i think they will take you in...just have patience to wait...I've been here almost 6 yrs and i can say its worth my time....
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