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Hello guys. I am a newbie here. I applied as Staff Nurse in an agency here in Manila. By GOD's wisdom, i passed the exam and interview by the employer of the hospital which is held in Hotel Sofitel in Manila. Now, the agency... Read More

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    are we included in saudization????

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    Quote from kate1032
    are we included in saudization????
    hope not..
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    Is there anyone who can tell any updates about the application in al kharj hospital?
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    hi everyone... just this morning, arjoys agency called me to inform me that the flight date for our group would be on august 01, and that we need to attend the briefing and pregnancy test to be done on july 29 at the agency. i hope this is it! Goodluck to us all... Godspeed!
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    any updates on al kharj hospital????
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    no updates yet
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    im also a applicant from arjoys still no updates from the medical will expire soon .. why they scheduled us for a medical if were not be deployed yet .. grrrrh
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    Im ashney,,,im also an applicant of arjoys......any upda8? Wen will be the next batch of deployment..i had my medcal exam last may 30,2011,,,soon 2 xpyrd....the agency said we know wen the mdcal exam xpyrd so no to worry,,.huh.....
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    arjoys called me up just right now, and telling me to give the half of the placement fee on monday, they told me that I have already a visa and when I asked them how many visas are ready right now, they didn't told me the exact number but, rather they said that they had only few visas and dont have to tell others about it. I'm just wondering why they have to keep it a secret to others? Is there any1 out there, just like my situation? because 30,000 is also a big amount... I just want to be sure...
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    wha.. why hey have to keep it as a secret?im not included.. Congrats Kate1032

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