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Hello guys. I am a newbie here. I applied as Staff Nurse in an agency here in Manila. By GOD's wisdom, i passed the exam and interview by the employer of the hospital which is held in Hotel Sofitel in Manila. Now, the agency... Read More

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    hellypearl was ryt I'm not under al kharj. I'm under al-emeis. I just had a problem renewing my passport that's why I'm on the 2nd batch to deploy. if I'm not mistaken the first batch under al-emeis was deployed last March... Good luck to all of you guys. Just don't lose hope ok...
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    oh i see..
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    i was a bit confused there..i thought this thread is all about al kharj military hospital
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    hi... just want to ask if how was the application about this hospital and also about the Arjoy's agency processing? because this agency texted me to come for interview tomrow.. and i can't barely decide if i will come or not.. because based of all your posts here.. i therefore conclude that Arjoy's agency is confusing? am i right? please can i have your opinions? thank you!
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    interview? at what area? what hospital?
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    they didn't mention hospital or area.. they said..just come for an interview and i didn't reply... until i read this comments yesterday..and brighten my mind that this agency is confusing and something" :uhoh21:
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    ah ok why dont you ask them first?
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    why should i ask , besides based on the comments here... the agency is confusing and they said applicants pay much higher... that's what i read.... here... and so that makes me realized to be careful too in selecting agencies... so how about the applicants who apply at the said agency(arjoys)? how was the application?successful?
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    instead of al kharj military hospital, why don't we change this thread name to arjoy's entertainment..
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    nice idea clarken... but how was your application to Arjoy's?

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