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I will graduate in May with my BSN. I am willing to relocate and wonder if anyone knows of any cities or hospitals that are hiring new graduates anywhere in Wisconsin. I know most areas have a hiring freeze or are only taking... Read More

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    Thank you evolving...I hope I will get a call soon.

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    Do you have any tips for starting my job search in the Madison area? I'm graduating from the UWO accelerated program in October and I don't know where to start....I've been looking at job listings online for a long time for UW, Meriter and St. Mary's and I see no listings for new grads...what to do?
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    i sent you an email but a lot of us branched out from the hospitals. however, my friend that got the job at in madison could have had a job in labor in delivery in one of the surrounding hospitals but decided to skip the commute when she got offered the madison job. (madison pay is pretty great ...) Good Luck! But definatley check any place that hires nurses and just look up there websites.
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    Evolving, do you know of anywhere else that is hiring? I need to move back to Wisconsin but I need a job first.

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