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Hello, Has anyone out there applied to the October 2013 cohort? I just completed my email interview today and am looking to speak with others about what's next.... Read More

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    I was told all applicants will be notified via email on the same day, and that's all she could say. She couldn't even tell me whether phone interviews were over (this was maybe two weeks ago--obviously, they are finished by now), but said the committee had not yet met to make final decisions. My guess as a former academic admin professional is that they are trying to wait as long as possible to get final transcripts from people taking prereqs this semester. I hope everyone can find a way to distract themselves, at least for the weekend! I'm sending positive vibes for all of you... I gotta' say it's kind of nice knowing the answer, even if it's not a yes. This wait is hellish.

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    hey, gabookworm, your story and mine are so similar! i have a strong academic background too, with a masters in public health, and 99% on the teas, etc. i took the cna class in january and it took me months to get hired. i applied for more than 50 positions, no joke. never thought i'd have to try so hard to get a job which only requires a ged! unfortunately, all i could get was third shift at a group home, but at this point i am just grateful for a job. initially i only applied to hospitals, because sue had said that it's better experience (higher acuity of care), but they don't seem to be hiring people without experience these days. (wait, how do you get experience working as a hospital cna if they don't hire unexperienced cnas?) i too, applied to the upcoming cohort and didn't get a phone interview. i wish i would have known that when they say cna experience is highly preferred they really mean required. i will reapply for the may cohort (which many people have said has better timing for parents- i have a kindergartener) and hope for the best. i'm curious.. what is your plan b?
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    I think I'm going to shoot for a direct-entry ABSN/MSN program, since I already know my target specialty (nurse-midwifery). I've been a doula for seven years and a childbirth educator for five, and I have six years of volunteer service on my local birth professional network's board, so I hope that will help. I was accepted to a ABSN program at a local private school with a good reputation, but I think I'd rather just jump in with both feet and get it all done together. I'm too old to dawdle.
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    makes sense! you can do a cnm and be a primary care provider. is it three years? i know what you mean about getting it done- that is what attracted me to this program in the first place. if i do get in to the may cohort for next year i will be completing the program around the time i turn 40. better late than never, i suppose.
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    I just sent you a PM!
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    Anyday now, can take this wait- !
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    Correction: Can't take this wait much longer!*****
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    I was very much so expecting to have heard by now
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    I got the email telling me what I already knew. Hope the rest of you have happy news to share!!!
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    I GOT IN!

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