New Grad RN position - Success! How I did it and with who (if anyone cares lol) - page 2

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Hi everyone! First, let me apologize if there is a thread this should be attached to, and moderators feel free to move it as needed of course. I'm a new grad RN from Ohio and I just moved to Madison with my fiance who... Read More

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    6 months of orientation including Periop 101
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    That sounds like a excellent place to be a new grad!
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    Congratulations. It is wonderful to hear about a place hiring new RNs. It is hard for some grads in some places. Best of luck
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    I wish U a good luck.
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    Quote from luv2b_a_nurs
    Congratulations. Aurora also seems to be one in the area who has been hiring new grads.
    Isn't that a bit of a commute for you though? I also am surprised that they start at that rate. I interviewed there and could have swore it was in the $22 range.
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are one Blessed to be one of the new grads to secure a job! Sounds like you have "your act together". Blessings upon you during you orientation and the future