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Moving to MKE, how's the market?

  1. 0 I'm an RN with 5 years experience who is moving to MKE sometime in the next 6 months. I think I want to work at Froedtart because of the teaching status and I've heard good things. My background is CT stepdown but I would like to move into the CVICU. Any advice on Froedtart? How's the 7/70? They have positions posted but I know that can change at any time. How are the other hospitals for CT/CVICU? How's the pay? Diffs? I know when I left Green Bay, the pay was better than here (NC) but the diffs were better here. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I would say you need some good luck if you want to work at Froedtert. Yes, it does have a good medical/nursing reputation. I have heard many nurses like the 7/70 program.

    Yes, they do have alot of CVICU positions because last year they opened up a new unit. I applied several times for one of those positions. I don't want to burst your hopes...but unless you have CVICU/ICU experience, you chances are slim that they will consider you. I was an ICU for awhile...but through a nurse that works in the CVICU...the manager did not want to hire me because I did not have the CV experience and my ICU expereince was "so long ago", which was only 6 years ago. It does help if you have a connection at Froedtert.

    That is one of the biggest issues with Froedtert...because they know everyone wants to work their...they can be snooty about who applies. As for the nursing market as a whole in Wisconsin...its pretty bleak!!
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    I graduated with my ADN a week and a half ago and have a friend who got hired STRAIGHT INTO their SICU with NO prior acute hospital experience ..pretty happy for her. She must have blown away the manager, HR, etc. or had a great resume. I sent an application in for a ACS- Acute Trauma Surgery position, but have yet to hear back. Its definitely selective, so I am happy I was offered a critical care position at another hospital. Good Luck!
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    It's good to hear some optimistic stories! Congrats to your friend!

    What's the general feeling about new grads in Milwaukee? I'm graduating in May, so I'm wondering if anybody's hiring new grads there, or if they're all on hiring freezes? I just don't want to apply places if there aren't enough jobs for the nurses who already live there.
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    Have you looked into any Aurora Hospitals?
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    Not yet but I will!
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    Actually I interviewed with an Aurora Grafton and they apparently love to play games. Kind of screwy, no... pathetic. I turned down their offer. Maybe Milwaukee Aurora's will be better but they all work together
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    Have you looked into Wheaton?

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