Moving to Ft McCoy area from another state

  1. I live in MS and my husband is transferring to Ft McCoy in March. I am finishing school at the local university and will graduate in May with my BSN. I will move to Wi hopefully in the summer. I don't mind commuting, so I thought I could work in Lacrosse, Sparta, Tomah, or anywhere else in that region. Anyone know if the hospitals in that area have a new grad intern program, or if they hire new grads at all? How is the job market... is there much available these days? Does anyone recommend a particular hospital? Is there a VA hospital or a hospital on the army base I could work? Any advice on the area would help. I'm so afraid that after all my hard work, I'll move to a small town and not be able to get a job!

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    Welcome to Wisconsin, whenever you get here.

    I don't live in the areas you mention, but maybe someone who does will be able to give you firsthand information that will put you on the right track to get a good job.

    Barring that, I'd say Google the cities you're interested in. They should list the closest hospitals and other health care places (clinics, urgent care centers, doctors' offices, etc. Then Google the websites for facilities themselves and look at their job listings.

    If you know what kind of unit you'd like to work on, call HR and ask for the name of the unit manager. Then write old-fashioned snail-mail letters to some of these folks telling them a little about yourself and asking what you can do to make yourself an attractive prospective employee.

    Be sure to thank anyone who responds. Making contact like this might help you size up what's out there, and it could help to break the ice when you actually apply. "I wrote to you last fall and you were kind enough to tell me about your unit."

    As for working on base, surely you could go through some kind of military channels to scope that out. If not, then Google Ft. McCoy, as well.

    I wish you the best.
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    I live in La Crosse. Moved here in May. Graduated with my BSN in December 2008. I am currently working in a LTC factility and I am miserable. Been searching for a new job for months. Sorry to say, but the job market here is terrible. There are barely any job postings and when there are a seems they are flooded with applicants. There is a VA hospital in Tomah. Even they are not hiring. Good luck. If you have any other questions about this area, feel free to ask.
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    I used to work as an ER nurse in that area. Fort McCoy is in the middle of nowhere and LaCrosse would be your best bet - Gunderson-Lutheran is wonderful, then there is St. Francis Hospital. There is a VA in Tomah and a hospital. Stay away from Sparta -it is way too small and staff is poorly trained to deal with anything unusual. Mile Bluff in Mauston is a great place to work - would be about a 30 minute commute - might try that too. Good luck on your job search!