How long?

  1. I am in WI and just graduated Dec 21st from Gateway Tech and am waiting to be able to take the NCLEX. Anyone know about how long it takes for WI to get the paperwork done and sent to Pearson Vue?
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  3. by   mags748
    I just graduated Dec. 17th and my school had the paperwork in by the end of December and I was able to schedule my NCLEX before the first of the year.

    I think the delay might be coming from your school not getting the paperwork in. I got an email from the WI DRL and Pearson on the same day, so it seemed as if as soon as the state got the paperwork, they notified Pearson.

    Have you paid the fee for the NCLEX yet and have you looked up your application status on the DRL? You may want to contact your school if the DRL says its still waiting for a statement of graduation.
  4. by   evolvingrn
    yep the state processes it fast its probably your school that is the hold up. i took my test within 3 weeks of graduation
  5. by   luv2b_a_nurs
    3 weeks?? I wish! It will make job hunting a little easier (I hope) if I have a license #.
    It was my school holding up the process. I graduated Dec the 21st and one of my friends called last Weds. and lit a fire under the Dean's butt. He overnighted them Fri and the state and PV gave me my ATT yesterday. So I set my appt for the first week in Feb! Finally!
  6. by   mags748
    I'm glad you figured it out! I take mine next on Jan 19th., and like you, I'm hoping I will get more job responses once I actually have the license.