Having a hard time finding LPN

  1. Jobs!!

    I live in Milwaukee, but willing to travel outside of here. I am having a hard hard time finding work. Everyone tells me that there out there but where?

    I've set up my resume up online in numerous locations, and still nothing. I applied to locations, and again nothing.

    I need help..LMAO

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am not familiar with Milwaukee, but I assume since you are applying, openings exist?

    if you are applying, are you following up with phone calls to make sure your applications/resumes are being received by the right people? I would do some checking around. I have had it happen to me a couple times where they applications got "lost" in a pile of paperwork on someone's desk, or in the computer system.

    ALWAYS follow up when you hear nothing on a job! And if by chance you get an interview, be sure and follow up IMMEDIATELY with a thank-you note directly addressed to the interviewer. GOOD LUCK.
  4. by   nurse2bsoon
    I've seen lots of postings for LPN's everywhere. However, everyone's looking for jobs, so you have a lot of competition.