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    I just got an offer at Froedtert for the RN new grad program. Does anyone work there / have any opinions of working there? Thanks!!

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    I work there and it is a good place to work because of the 7/70 schedule. However, they have frozen the wages for now. If you want to know more, PM me.
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    I have heard good things about Froedtert...your experience there will be good and will look good on a resume!!!! I myself am disappointed from a hiring standpoint at Froedtert. A good friend of mine and I have applied there for ICU and ER jobs. There are ads constantly in nursing journals and online that they are looking for ICU/ER nurses. We are both been nurses for 10 years, both have our CCRN's, even went to their open house back in February. Both have applied for multiple ICU and ER jobs...and have hear nothing in over 6 I guess in my book right now, Froedtert is a bit of a joke! Most likely hiring internally or you need to know some big wig in the offices!
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    Quote from krazykev
    I work there and it is a good place to work because of the 7/70 schedule. However, they have frozen the wages for now. If you want to know more, PM me.
    I was looking into applying at Froedtert as a new grad, but frankly the 7/70 schedule scared me! Sometimes I'm spent after just 3 12hr shifts in a row - don't know how anyone lasts 7 10hr shifts in a row! I imagine the plus side, however, would be when you take vacation you get 3 weeks off...

    I do like the concept of the schedule that it provides more continuity for the patients. So I give kudos to all the nurses who do the 7/70 schedule (and actually like it!) Just don't think I could do it!
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    I have known Froedtert nurses who job-shared and split the 7/70 with a partner. This wouldn't work if you wanted a full-time position, but for those looking for part time, it seemed to be a good solution.
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    Congratulations on your new position!

    I have an interview with Froedtert for the New Grad program. Any words of advice for the interview? What can I expect? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Good luck on your interview! It will most likely be in two parts. First, you will meet with an HR recruiter who will ask you the standard questions: strengths / weaknesses, experience, why you want to go into nursing, how you heard about Froedtert, what your thoughts are on customer service. Then, you will drive to the hospital and interview with the NM. That part for me mostly consisted of me asking about the floor, a tour of the floor, etc. Not many tough questions at all. Bring two copies of your resume: one for the HR recruiter and on for the NM. Let me know how it goes!
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    Thank you for the response. I am working myself into a nervous wreck thinking about the interview. I know better, relax, be myself, etc. Still, I want this job!
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    I used to work at Froedtert and the experience was great. I saw such a vast majority of patients... The 7/70 was great in the beginning, however I could not handle it the longer that I was there... For one whole week I was a zombie and the week off was spent catching up on laundry, sleep and running my household... I am now at a hospital doing 3 12 hour shifts and much happier...
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    I'm in school so I'm not too familiar with nursing schedules. Can someone explain what the 7/70 means? I assume it is 70 hours in 7 shifts in a row. Then you have a whole week off?

    Is that the only way Froedtert schedules? I've heard good things about the hospital.

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