Anyone from Gateway Tech?

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    Hi - Is anyone waiting for accetance letter from Gateway?

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    no, but I did transfer from Gateway to a different school.
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    Quote from intuition
    no, but I did transfer from Gateway to a different school.
    Did you graduate from the ADN program?
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    No, I took all my pre-reqs, except for Anatomy and Physiology 2 and Microbiology there. I ended up transferring due to the 2 year waiting list for clinicals. Are u going to Elkhorn or Kenosha?
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    Im on the waiting list for Kenosha but I don't know how much longer I can wait...
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    Hi there, I am currently waiting for my acceptance letter into the Kenosha Gateway program. I am so anxious!!! I am actually really happy that they made the requirements harder. I talked to Rich Lenz and he said that there were a lot fewer petitions this time. Im so ready and excited to start clinicals. Have you gone to other schools? I was at uw madison for 2 years, then came to uw parkside to save money and live at home but i didn't get accepted to the parkside program and I have a 3.7 so i don't know what they're looking for. do you work as a cna? I am so excited!!! I heard we get phone calls and letters go out the 24th of August so let's keep our hopes up
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    Hello there - I've been on the waiting list for 2 years so I was hoping to get in this semester, I'm not getting any youger and for me that is a big deal!!! I still need to take developmental psych so I will be doing that this semester and yeap... I also work as a patient care tech but only part time -I have 3 kids and an a very supportive husband.
    I am very excited but at the same time very nervous and I know I will be very dissappointed if I don't get in... so I can't wait to find out!!!
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    hmm...i have all the pre-reqs done but was thinking about taking oral communications in the fall. have you taken it? Im also a pca at st. cat's. where do you work? I know what you mean about the time thing...ive been in prenursing for 3 years and so ready to start clinicals.
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    What kind of dept. are you a PCT in, I was a PCT up until this last week? I am now becoming a Nurse Tech in the ER I work at. I will be praying that you get that acceptance letter. Good luck!
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    I work in the ccu as a nurse tech and plan to be a student nurse intern in January when i hopefully start clinicals. What semester are you in at GTC? do you like the program so far? Ive floated to the ER a few times too.

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