Why is WGU continuing to ask me the same questions over and over?

  1. I'm puzzled. I applied to WGU and had an interview with my counselor and she explained the program in depth. Then I had to take a readiness assessment mutiple choice quiz? which asked me about the program which she explained. Ok, I got it. Then the counselor called me again and said I was accepted and proceeded to do an Intake interview which was the same material again. Today, I had to complete a commitment check the box thing which was the same info for the FOURTH time! Did anyone else go through this or does my counselor think I'm really a slow learner?? It just seems like something some of those For-profit colleges do so they can be sure to collect your money. I'm not impressed.
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  3. by   jujubeee
    I did the multiple choice assessment test first. Just had my intake interview a few days ago and I was emailed the new student commitment where I pretty much check off all areas that I agreed about the program expectations of me. Now were schedule for a follow up interview exactly one week after that intake interview so well see what goes on. I think it's their way of gauging your commitment and your success?
  4. by   mclennan
    Um. WGU is a non-profit.

    They ask the same questions on assessment so many times likely because they have had to explain the same concepts about their program REPEATEDLY to so many people. People are idiots and don't listen. Simple as that. They want to make sure you really, REALLY "get" how things work. That's all.

    If you're that offended by something like this so early on, and that ignorant of your school's for-profit/nonprofit status, you might want to re-evaluate your decision to do this at all. ALL of higher education is a broken, disorganized system; even these slick, polished online programs are rife with problems. If you get bent out of shape that easily, you're going to have serious problems later on. Relax and just go with the flow. No one thinks you're stupid. Put down your sword and pick up a pen.
  5. by   skoolrn
    WGU wants to be sure you really understand that this is not a typical program. Im sure the repeated questions are because they had problems in the past with people saying, " But you didn't tell me ..." or "I didn't understand" or something along those lines.. Yes I too answered the same questions repeatedly... Not a big deal.
  6. by   paradiseboundRN
    I am FULLY aware that they are non-profit and that's why this surprises me. I would expect this more from a for-profit school. I've read on other sites that the counselors at WGU get commission based on if the student graduates. If this is true, then the repetition makes sense. I am familiar with the RN-BSN education. I started an online program 10 years ago at Oakland University but I dropped out so I could pay my son's tuition to University of Michigan. I've just never experienced this type of behavior with a university before. Thought it was odd...