What is the quickest masters degree?

  1. I am a 25 year old RN with 4 years of full time ICU experience. I graduated with my ADN at age 21 and have since acquired my BSN. I recently got rejected from CRNA school. Upon speaking with the director of the program she informed me that they (the admissions board) really liked me in the interview and also considered both my GRE scores and my BSN GPA to be exceptional. However, I put absolutely no effort into my ADN program and my GPA from there was low enough to pull my overall GPA down to a 2.92 (she said if it had been 3.0 I would've been in). I was 19 and knew I could pass with relatively no effort, partying was more fun and C's get degrees. I regret the indiscretions of my youth, but can't do much more than that now. That director informed my that the only way to get into CRNA school would be to either apply at other programs and hope someone would accept my based on the amount I have matured, or get a masters degree in order to give my GPA a much needed bump. My plan is to apply at other programs while working towards a MSN degree. That all being said, I need suggestions regarding the quickest or easiest MSN or Masters in Healthcare degree. I live in Indiana so WGU seems like a good fit. Any and all advice is welcome! Thank you in advance.

    TL; DR I need to get a masters degree as quickly as possible to give my GPA a bump so I can get into CRNA school.
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  3. by   Chris the Nurse
    Aaaaaaaand I just discovered there is no such thing as GPA at WGU, just 'competency'. So, nevermind.
  4. by   featherzRN
    well, the competency is equivalent to a 3.0, but I am guessing you'd want higher than that.
  5. by   Chris the Nurse
    Yes, I'm looking to make some solid A's. I did read that equivalence though, which would be ok if it weren't for my need to fix low scores.
  6. by   Murse901
    As you've discovered, the WGU GPA is an equivalent of 3.0. Your admissions officer said that if you'd had a 3.0, you'd be in (which, by the way, is ridiculous to make that much fuss about 0.8 points, considering your background).

    That being said, some MSN programs have more lenient admissions requirements for their post-Master's entry programs. Have you looked at the post-Master's entry requirements for your program to see if they still require a 3.0? Even if they do, would they possibly consider looking at only your graduate GPA?

    For the ability to finish an MSN in record time (if you're devoted to it) and for the price, WGU's MSN can't be beat. Don't give up on it just yet. Even if your primary choice for CRNA won't be flexible with you on this, there may be other CRNA programs in your region that would be willing to take you on.

    Good luck.
  7. by   Chris the Nurse
    Thank you for the reply. Over the past couple days I've done a lot of research on this and I don't think I'm going to sink the money into a throw-away degree in order to bump my GPA. Probably going to be taking 2 chem classes and the graduate biostats class, over the summer, at the state university from which I got my BSN. I only have an intro to chem course and with 2 gen chem courses I will be able to apply to a lot more schools. I'm willing to relocate so applying to multiple schools is no problem for me.
  8. by   futureeastcoastNP
    You shouldn't have to get a whole Master's - enroll in a local or online graduate program and start taking courses towards something medical or healthcare, like biomedical science or MSN in nurse leadership, etc. It proves you can handle graduate work and will boost your overall GPA. No need to do the entire degree.
  9. by   Ultraposh
    I can't remember which thread but some guy got into a program with under 3.0 gpa but his science courses were 4.0. Or it was the other way sround. Search older threads. Also some schools accept below 3.0 gpas cant remember. I will take a guess that it may have been SUNY Downstate. SERIOUSLY not positive. But search old threads. If I find anything ill be back. You're youth is still current by the way.
  10. by   Chris the Nurse
    My BSN microbiology and intro to chem courses are both A's, if I can get A's over the summer with these Gen Chem courses I'm thinking I'll be good to go even if my ADN scores are low.

    Haha yes I know I'm still young, I was a child back then. Now I at least consider myself a young adult. Thanks all!