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WGU's New MSN curriculum - page 3

I'm planning on starting my MSN in September. The new MSN curriculum is now posted online on the college's website. It appears that the entire program has changed and is now 38 credits. I wanted to... Read More

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    I am in the MSN (Education) program at WGU, and I love it! The course mentors are super helpful by answering questions very quickly and with a caring attitude. There are 14 classes all together, but only 3 objective/proctored tests; all the rest of the classes have other performance/projects for the assessments. I am in my 9th class. I passed all 3 of the objective tests the first time I tried; they have a study guide and practice tests that you may take first, and I always passed those the first time too. For a person with test anxiety, I think WGU is a really good school. You better like to write long papers and do lots of research though. It is not a piece of cake by any means. I am learning a lot, and I highly recommend this school.
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    How much time are you spending per class?> How long are you expecting to complete your degree?