WGU Tuition Discount?

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    I signed up for a free membership thru the NEA National Education Alliance which was free with a code I had and the membership entitles me to a 5% discount on WGU tuition. Also, Straighterline has a partner program with WGU if you are transferring in classes from one to the other, you can get $50 per class up to $200 on your first term enrollment.

    Anyone else took advantage of either of these discounts?

    The first will save me $162 on my first term and the same on the second (if I take that long). Plus $200 discount via straighterline. I'm all about saving money since this education thing has been on a fast track for 3 years from no degree to LPN to ADN-RN and now on to BSN.

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    That's great. I get a 5% discount on tuition through the hospital I work for.
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    I looked on the list and my hospital isn't on it.....I was hoping though.
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    You might still check with your hospital. My hospital is not on the list either, but has gone to an education portal----EdAssist or something like that and they told me about the WGU discount.
    Quote from Nervous1
    I looked on the list and my hospital isn't on it.....I was hoping though.
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    Will do. My hospital (very large organization with like 21,000 employees) has an l tuition assistance program.....they will only pay 1700 a year towards to tuition which doesn't go very far in a traditional program but softens the blow a bit with WGU. THe problem is, I don't qualify for it because I am new and I would have to wait until next year.....and I'm impatient. But I could use it for my MSN next year.

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