WGU Tuition Discount?

  1. I signed up for a free membership thru the NEA National Education Alliance which was free with a code I had and the membership entitles me to a 5% discount on WGU tuition. Also, Straighterline has a partner program with WGU if you are transferring in classes from one to the other, you can get $50 per class up to $200 on your first term enrollment.

    Anyone else took advantage of either of these discounts?

    The first will save me $162 on my first term and the same on the second (if I take that long). Plus $200 discount via straighterline. I'm all about saving money since this education thing has been on a fast track for 3 years from no degree to LPN to ADN-RN and now on to BSN.
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  3. by   travelovingnurse
    That's great. I get a 5% discount on tuition through the hospital I work for.
  4. by   Nervous1
    I looked on the list and my hospital isn't on it.....I was hoping though.
  5. by   travelovingnurse
    You might still check with your hospital. My hospital is not on the list either, but has gone to an education portal----EdAssist or something like that and they told me about the WGU discount.
    Quote from Nervous1
    I looked on the list and my hospital isn't on it.....I was hoping though.
  6. by   Nervous1
    Will do. My hospital (very large organization with like 21,000 employees) has an l tuition assistance program.....they will only pay 1700 a year towards to tuition which doesn't go very far in a traditional program but softens the blow a bit with WGU. THe problem is, I don't qualify for it because I am new and I would have to wait until next year.....and I'm impatient. But I could use it for my MSN next year.