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RN-MSN Leadership Feb 2013 “Transfer credit not met” Questions, Feedback Hello, I received my transfer evaluation and I have 6 courses that need to be completed. I am an RN with an Associate Degree Nursing. I have a couple of... Read More

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    Thanks so much for replying to my post? Is there even exams in statistics? Or a final exam? Or just lessons that have to be completed ?

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    You take a preassessment and have 3 trys if you don't pass you move to the Objective Assessment (Final Exam) a 48 question Test. The objective assessment is the only item you have to pass to complete the course and receive credit. With that said, reading the course of study and doing the webinars is a must in order to pass the objective assessment. I completed the course in 5 weeks, you can complete it quicker if you put in more time.

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