WGU RN-BSN Community Health Practicum

  1. Just putting some feelers out there to see what others have done for their community health practicum (HGT1). I've already gotten my topic down to obesity, and may narrow it down to childhood obesity. However, I'm having some problems figuring out what kind of community resources to use to get clinical hours.

    I emailed the course mentor, and she replied with some very general ideas (physician's offices, daycares). I'm not sure how reasonable it would be to expect a physician or a daycare to allow me to come into their facility and start interviewing people about obesity.

    What resources have others here used? I'm not asking for specific findings of your studies or anything that would violate WGU policies. Just what area you focused on and what you used for the hours. I'm down to my last 12 weeks here and stressing out about these 90 hours!
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  3. by   heatheryk
    WIC would be an easy place to get hours. Also check with your local Public Health, Child Welfare, Health Clinics, School Nurses....Just start calling. Most people are very willing to let students in. I had no problem getting hours for my practicum. Good Luck! You are almost done!
  4. by   RN*mommy
    Hi there!
    I'm currently working on my practicum as well, and it's on....childhood obesity! I can share with you some of the people / places my mentor suggested to me for hours. WIC clinics, schools, talk to dietary at the public schools, assess what types of snacks are in the vending machines. Children's Hospitals near you may have clinics for obese children and are an awesome resource. Local YMCA has great resources for kids and you could check out programs there, I've done a bit of "windshield" observation as to the type and quality of playground equipment at local parks and schools (you can only get 6 hours for this type of observation). A great place I've found to talk to parents is at McDonalds with playlands...especially on a rainy day. My son is going on a field trip all about promoting good nutrition and exercise and my mentor said I could definitely go along as a chaperone and use this as part of my hours. I found extension programs in the community (via the public school website) that assist underserved populations with dietary counseling and exercise recommendations for children. You local health department also would be an excellent resource. Don't laugh, but I even sent a few questions via email to First Lady Obama since she's very active regarding the topic of childhood obesity. If I receive a reply, excellent, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

    Talk to your mentor as he or she can offer you other suggestions.
    Hope this helps!