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WGU Prelicensure Prerequisites

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    How strict is WGU on prerequisites? Do they require completion of all prerequisites? What is the maximum amount of courses you could take with nursing courses?

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    From what I have read it depends on what state you are in and how many are applying to a cohort. In California it is very competitive so they won’t even look at your app until you have everything completed. I have read in other post from people in other states where they were allowed to take classes with nursing class.
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    Thanks for the info lvnrnmd2be!

    Does anyone know how competitive it is in Houston TX?
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    I answered your questions the best I could in the other thread. I have also been told that Houston has 2 cohorts, I am guessing the need is definitely there for them to have two cohorts starting. I want to say they have one in Sept. 1 and another Nov. 1.

    What pre reqs do you need? I know b/c of my own situation that I have everything done. I also completed nutrition, so I will have one less class to worry about completing. The only class that I could have completed but is not a prereq is pharmacology. I will just get that done with my other courses.

    Hope that helps.....