WGU Prelicensure Prerequisites

  1. Hello all!

    How strict is WGU on prerequisites? Do they require completion of all prerequisites? What is the maximum amount of courses you could take with nursing courses?

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  3. by   Theone40
    From what I have read it depends on what state you are in and how many are applying to a cohort. In California it is very competitive so they won’t even look at your app until you have everything completed. I have read in other post from people in other states where they were allowed to take classes with nursing class.
  4. by   okiki.ola
    Thanks for the info lvnrnmd2be!

    Does anyone know how competitive it is in Houston TX?
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  5. by   SilverLove
    I answered your questions the best I could in the other thread. I have also been told that Houston has 2 cohorts, I am guessing the need is definitely there for them to have two cohorts starting. I want to say they have one in Sept. 1 and another Nov. 1.

    What pre reqs do you need? I know b/c of my own situation that I have everything done. I also completed nutrition, so I will have one less class to worry about completing. The only class that I could have completed but is not a prereq is pharmacology. I will just get that done with my other courses.

    Hope that helps.....