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0Hi everyone! I was contacted today by WGU because apparently they added a new cohort August 1st in Covina! I got in! Finally the wait is over 😊😊😊. Did anyone else get contacted?... Read More

  1. by   Almost.nurse.ts
    Quote from DLOAH
    Hi guys I will also be applying to WGU soon. Almost.nurse.ts are you still working on you prerequisites?
    Hello, yes I would not apply until 2018!
  2. by   nursedanni17
    Hi calinurse2018 ! I would say to make sure that your prereq science's have a strong gpa since that's one of the major things they look at. Also, I would make sure to study hard for the TEAS and aim for somewhere in the high 80's low 90's. I was told those were the two most important things on your application. Hope that helps!
  3. by   Mlopez323la
    I just got called that I got accepted into the October cohort at Cedars ..can't wait
  4. by   ldeo
    Quote from Almost.nurse.ts
    Hello, I'm trying to get in for 2018 as well. I was told they don't have the 2018 dates yet. In between what area are you in i'm in Rancho Cucamonga but, I work in Pasadena!
    I'm in the Inglewood/Los Angeles area and I am actually a current employee at Cedars
  5. by   ldeo
    Quote from Mlopez323la
    I just got called that I got accepted into the October cohort at Cedars ..can't wait
    Wow! Congrats! May I ask what your stats were? TEAS, science GPA, work experience, etc. ? I currently work at Cedars and want to get into the Winter cohort.
  6. by   joannavn
    Has anyone else applied to the prelicensure program that starts in November?
    I submitted my application, so I'm anxiously waiting to hearback.
  7. by   mwatkins12
    Hi! What was required to get accepted? Do you have to have your CNA certification or volunteer experience? I have an AA in Kinesiology.
  8. by   Mlopez323la
    I got in to the Cedars Sinai Cohort starting in october 2017. Can't wait to start.
  9. by   Mlopez323la
    well my GPA was just above what they wanted. My Teas was 84. Work experience, I have been working at an EMT-B and Paramedic for the last 10 years. Currently working at Cedars as a lift team technician. I spoke with Keith Hoshel he's a good resource if you work at cedars.
  10. by   BiancaBadou
    Does anyone know the gpa WGU want?
  11. by   ldeo
    Quote from BiancaBadou
    Does anyone know the gpa WGU want?
    The minimum is a 2.5 however from what I understand, the competitive GPA is around 3.6