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I am looking into the WGU Prelicensure program. I already have my BA in Economics and am pursuing a huge career change. Does anyone know if the CNA requirement is something we have to complete to... Read More

  1. by   okiki.ola
    Quote from quita1203
    Yes, basically it's true. The first term which is 6 months is the basic nursing concepts, then if you pass that part the next is the clinical portion. You have to reapply for the clinical part. The whole program is 2 1/2 years the first six months basic nursing and the last 2 years are clinicals and other online classes.
    Thanks quita1203!

    My Adjusted Individual Total Score for TEAS was: 66.0%.

    If you don't mind me asking, was yours above or below that?

    I'm just trying to gauge my chances of getting accepted.

    And did you have nutrition and biochem?
  2. by   quita1203
    Hi RNtemiMy TEAS score was really low it was a 63.3 so you have a good chance of getting in. I didn't have bio chem but I took nutrition at my local cc and pharmacology through Straighterline. If you don't make the November 1 start because they selected already then the next one is April 1
  3. by   okiki.ola
    Thanks so much quita1203 for clearing things up.
  4. by   cjag422
    My teas score was 67.3 and I didn't take Biochem or pharmacology and I got in for the November 1st Houston cohort if that helps.
  5. by   okiki.ola
    Quote from cjag422
    My teas score was 67.3 and I didn't take Biochem or pharmacology and I got in for the November 1st Houston cohort if that helps.
    Hi cjag422, yes it does help, thanks. I just need to get statistics and nutrition out of the way for the April cohort.
  6. by   cjag422
    Hi quita1203 I would like to know where you found out the information about reapplying. I haven't had my intake interview yet and want to have all my ducks in a row so to speak.
  7. by   okiki.ola
    Found this on there website. I hope it's not a weeding out process...... I mean, after all that money, I don't want to be stuck with classes that are not transferable.

    "Admission into the Clinical Nursing Program is competitive. Enrollment in the Pre-Nursing Curriculum is NOT a guarantee for admission into the Clinical Nursing Program.

    Approximately 60 days after enrollment into the Pre-Nursing Curriculum, if you qualify, you must apply for admission into the Clinical Nursing Program."

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  8. by   quita1203
    Hi cjag422I just had my intake interview and from my understanding if you pass the first 6 months, have your interview with the nursing committee, then you can move on to the clinical portion. You still have to reapply ( I don't understand why though) . The clinicals are at Methodist hospital, they are on a sat and sun 12 hour shifts with 1 nurse.
  9. by   cjag422
    thanks quita1203 I have my interview tomorrow and that realy helps. I work at Methodist so I knew the clinicals would be there. My enrollment counselor told me that working there would help in the admission process.
  10. by   EMarieTX
    How long you have had your application in with them also determines who gets accepted. I was accepted as an approved alternate for the Nov 1st start in Houston. I get to start the first term and if 2 people drop or don't make it through I stay with that group for clinicals. If they don't, I am guaranteed a spot in the next clinical group. I don't have Biochem or nutrition but a 4.0 in all sciences and an 82.7 on the TEAS. However, I started my application process only a few months ago. My advisor said that there were people that have been in the "pipeline" longer than me and that contributed to me being an alternate.
  11. by   cjag422
    I applied in July when I finished everything except biochem. I did ave to take the CLEP because I made a C- in English II which was in September. So my file wasn't complete until just a few days ago when my results were recieved by the school and me. Heads up guys if you have to take the English comp CLEP test know that it is the only test that has to be handgraded due to the two essays they make you write and it takes 3-4 weeks to get the results. I look forward to meeting everyone and by the way does anyone know if we have to do the clinical checkoff before we apply to the clinical portion?
  12. by   EMarieTX
    Already working in healthcare also helps! The point is, its not just grades they look at but the whole picture. So if your TEAS score is not as high as some you can still be competitive.
  13. by   quita1203
    I was also excepted as an alternate, I hope we get to continue with everyone else and not have to wait until October 2013 to start clinical, if I have I will ask about maybe doing clinicals in Texas City if they have a clinical starting earlier, but I think Dallas would be extremely far for.
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