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  1. Is it true you have to have a degree before you can be accepted into the wgu pre license program? I have my certified nursing assistant license as well as a physical therapy aide certification. I have worked in the health care field. I am an Indiana resident. Anyone have any helpful insight to the program? I do have a phone interview set up.
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  3. by   Trenata
    Yes, you need to have a degree, like an associates degree (2 year degree). It also says this on their webpage.
  4. by   sheabay
    Thank you. I saw that after more research. I thought they might have offered some of the perquisites but I was mistaken.
  5. by   dtompkins8
    You DO NOT have to have a degree unless they changed that within the last few months. I have been in the program since Oct. in Indiana. I have 17 years work experience in the health field, but I do not have a degree.
  6. by   ShondaJ
    This is from the website! Degree is not needed!

    To be considered for enrollment in the program, students must have earned a bachelor's or associate's degree AND/OR completed the following program admissions prerequisites:

    Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Language and Communications
    Quantitative Literacy
    Literature, Arts, and Humanities
    Behavioral Science
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Clinical Microbiology

    Total Program: 120 Competency Units (credit equivalents)
    Less: any competency units waived through transfer of prior college credits and prerequisites

    WGU offers degrees, not classes. As a competency-based online university, progress through your degree program is determined by demonstrating your competence through carefully designed assessments and completion of a professional portfolio, capstone, or both. As a student in this program, you will complete the assessments (courses) listed below in order to graduate. These assessments are required, though you may be able to clear some of these requirements through a course-by-course transcript analysis. (Learn more about transferring credits.) Each assessment has a course of study, which contains a study guide and recommended learning resources for you to use while completing said assessment. Your assigned mentor will help guide you through this process.
    For ease of understanding, WGU has assigned competency units to each of its assessments as indicated below. A competency unit is equivalent to a semester credit hour of learning. WGU terms are six months in length. During a typical term, students will be expected to complete at least 12 to 13 competency units. Grades are assigned on a Pass/Not Pass basis; a "Pass" at WGU is equivalent to a letter grade of "B" or better.
    Speak to an Enrollment Counselor for more information about these assessments and their courses of study. View the PDF program guide. (Download Adobe Reader to view this file.)
    Course Course of Study/Assessments Competency Units
    AGC1 Foundations of College Mathematics 3
    BBC1 Communications Foundations 2
    GMC1 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 3
    GMT1 Human Physiology 3
    ALT1 Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory 2
    GKE1 Themes in U.S. and World History 1
    GKT1 Applications in U.S. and World History 1
    LAE1 Language and Communication: Essay 2
    LUT1 Language and Communication: Presentation 2
    IWC1 Literature, Arts and the Humanities 2
    IWT1 Literature, Arts and the Humanities: Analysis and Interpretation 2
    MBC1 Clinical Microbiology 3
    MLT1 Clinical Microbiology Laboratory 1
    GLC1 Behavioral Science Survey 6
    GLT1 Issues in Behavioral Science 3
    AWA1 Introduction to Nursing Clinical Skills 1
    GRT1 Biochemistry 3
    CSC1 Nutrition for Contemporary Society 3
    TTT1 Introduction to Nursing Arts and Science 2
    GZT1 Organizational Systems: Safety and Regulation 1
    DIC1 Medical Dosage Calculations 1
    AAC1 Pharmacology 2
    DOV1 Health Assessment 3
    BEC1 Applied Health Care Statistics and Analysis 3
    DTV1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part I 4
    AXA1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part I Clinical Skills 1
    AYA1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part I Clinical 1
    DZV1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part II 4
    AZA1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part II Clinical Skills 1
    BAA1 Caring Arts and Science Across the Lifespan Part II Clinical 1
    DUV1 Chronic Care of the Adult 4
    BBA1 Chronic Care of the Adult Clinical Simulation 1
    BDA1 Chronic Care of the Adult Clinical 1
    DVV1 Care of the Developing Family 3
    BHA1 Care of the Developing Family Clinical and Simulation 1.5
    DWV1 Nursing Care of Children 3
    BIA1 Nursing Care of Children Clinical and Simulation 1.5
    DPV1 Care of the Older Adult 3
    DXV1 Psych/Mental Health 3
    TWT1 Psych/Mental Health Clinical 2
    RUC1 Professional Roles and Values 2
    RUP1 Project in Professional Roles and Values 1
    RTT1 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership 3
    GPT1 Community Health Practice 3
    CZT1 Community Health Clinical 2
    EBT1 Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research 3
    DCC1 Critical Care Nursing 4
    BLA1 Critical Care Nursing Clinical Simulation 1
    BPA1 Critical Care Nursing Clinical 1
    ATC1 Information Management and the Application of Technology 3
    DYV1 Nursing Role Transition 1
    CFP1 Nursing Role Transition Leadership Experience 1
    PZT1 Professional Portfolio 1
    TXT1 Nursing Clinical Practicum 4
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