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Starting WGU RN-BSN

  1. 0 Tentatively accepted to the RN-BSN through WGU's online program. Lalalalala yay for me! Nervous as hell about going back to school....but its gotta be done!

    Anyone have any experience with WGU? Negative or positive?
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    Have been attempting to enter their BSN prelicensure program. Less than responsive in returning calls and emails since the advisor changed. Very responsive and enthusiastic about helping me in the beginning.
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    I sure hope it works out for advisor told me the pre-lisencure program is extremely competitive. Once you send all your transcripts in, all you can do is wait. Good luck to you!
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    I am currently enrolled in the RN-BSN program and I love it! I have finished 3 courses in one month, yes ONE month. If you are a go-getter and don't require a lot of hand holding, this is the program for you. I have 3 courses left before I graduate. They are CCNE accredited too. I receive weekly phone calls from my mentor just to touch base and see how things are going, plus I have access to course mentors and message boards for any additional questions. Yes, there are a lot of papers to write, a few proctored exams, but it is very doable. Again, love this program and I am so happy I went with WGU. I researched tons of programs too and kept coming back to this one as I love to work at my own pace. The price is great too! Good luck!!
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    So glad to hear some positive feedback!!! Thanks!!!
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    I love WGU so much I moved over to the RN-MSN program. LOVE my mentor, love the school! Any online program is up to YOU what you get out of it. It's meant for the mature student that doesn't need the structure and I'm glad I chose WGU over all of the other programs out there.
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    WGU is on my shortlist of for RN-BSN programs, so it's great to hear this feedback! I am self-motivated and generally "booksmart", have taken quite a few classes online successfully, and also have a liberal arts BA (from 15+ yrs ago), so it *sounds* like a program I'd do well with, and be able to complete on the quick side.

    I admit I'm a little concerned that it's such a different model from other schools, that that will somehow make the degree less legitimate. Any graduates of the program out there who could shed light on this?

    Also, those who have been or are currently students -- could you share a bit about the "assessments" that allow you to complete a class/competency?

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    The assessments can only be taken once you have completed your Course of Study for each class. Don't let the wording confuse you, you still have to complete several required tasks and syllabus' for each class, you just don't have to obtain useless knowledge. You are also required to take final exams for classes such as statistics, Algebra, chemistry and such. The nursing classes are all designed for the current RN so your "finals" are based on your performance in the tasks and a final project. As I posted in another thread, I am attending my program at WGU while 2 of my work colleagues are attending brick and mortar programs. I am by far, required to write more papers, do more research and construct more projects than they have in a whole year of classes.
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    Is there anyone attending WGU in Texas? BSN with no prior experience in nusing.Please tell me how it works.I realy want to know how the clinicals are arranged.
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    Have you been admited in the WGU BSN pre-licensure program? if so how did it go? are you attending clinicals in texas? please tell me because I intend to apply but I donot want a situation where I will be kept at home for a long time, waiting to be admited into the nursing program.
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    About a year ago, when they first started advertising to CA prospective students, they provided info on their website about the clinical placements, that included the names of the hospitals and their locations. Since then, they have removed that info from the website. However, if you do a search on this site, there is another thread about WGU where a faculty member talks a bit about the clinical experience. You should find and read that post. You also should call the school and speak to someone to find out which cities and which hospitals/facilities will be used for clinical placements in TX.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Have been attempting to enter their BSN prelicensure program. Less than responsive in returning calls and emails since the advisor changed. Very responsive and enthusiastic about helping me in the beginning.
    Hi were you admited? I realy want to know how long it takes to be admited becaause I intend to apply.
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    are you still attending the school?