RN-MSN starting 1/1/13. Anyone with me?

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    Hi everyone! Looking to see if anyone is with me to start on 1/1/13 for the RN-MSN program? Any former graduate tips would be greatly appreciated too!!

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    Where are you going?
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    I am considering WGU RN-MSN for a late Spring 2013 start. I found out yesterday that I will be required to take THEIR new nursing statistics course as well as US History and nutrition. I have had stats and nutrition and I see no reason whatsoever to need a history course. You are all ready to start so I guess you wont fall under the new requirements. Apparently they eliminated some prereqs and added some. This info is not on the website yet. Heard it from my admissions counselor yesterday. I knew I needed Biochemistry but also needing to retake stats and nutrition AND a HISTORY course...... I think this may not be the school for me.
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    I'm jumping in here...been in the program since August. Just to ease your mind a bit nutrition isn't horrible. I think I finished it in a week. I had to take an online exam, but it wasn't proctored. I didn't have to take history, not sure what that's about. You do know you can appeal the prereqs once your official transcript review is complete? I tried to rid myself of a few classes that way. It didn't work however my prereqs were biochem, math, nutrition and a writing class. I was able to finish the first 3 in a month along with a nursing class. The writing took a bit longer as I procrastinated. Don't let the prereqs get you down!
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    Thanks for your input! I'm just bumming because I thought I would only need the biochem. I really dont like the idea of taking stats AGAIN! and I really dont understand the US History piece AT ALL! Very weird requirement for a MSN. *sigh*
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    I'm scheduled to start 1/1/13 but still waiting on my transcripts to be eval'd. I have my AAS from a community college so I'm crossing my fingers that I won't have too many pre-recs. I've attempted AIU and College.net in the past and that didn't work for me but WGU seems to have their stuff together so after much debating, I've decided to give it a try. I just love reading all the success stories on here, gives me hope!!
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    I'm scheduled to start 1/1/13 as well! I'm a full time night shift ER nurse with three kids under 12, so this was a perfect opportunity for me. Must say, I'm NOT looking forward to Biochem at all! I've CLEPped out of Nutrition, so hoping I can just burn through the US History class.
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    I decided to just do it! So I have applied for the RN to MSN Education program, taken my readiness assessment and passed. Transcripts are ordered from my previous schools and I have done the FAFSA and completed the MPN for my loans. I have a BS in Biology and an AAS in Nursing so we will see how much of the BSN portion of the program is satisfied by my current degrees. I think I need Biochem, Nutrition, History,& Statistics. I am hoping for 2/1/13 start. Anyone else????
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    I actually got bumped to the 2/1/13 start date. I'm going for Leadership & Management but I think it's basically the same classes. Are you excited or what?
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    I found out tonight that I am starting 3/1/13! I wanted to start 2/1/13 but they are full for February and all my transcripts haven't been received yet. Definately excited!
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