RN-BSN June 1st start

  1. 0 Looks like I'll be starting my RN- BSN on June first. Anyone else with me?
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    Good luck! I'm starting the MSN program in June.
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    I am starting june 1 also! I have already been studying my first two classes and might be ready to test out on June 1 (or as soon as I can get my webcam! )..
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    I'm starting June. Would either of you want to exchange emails/phone numbers and try to keep in touch through the program? I want to go fast but would love to have someone to chat with, ask questions, rant, etc! my email is tsbarbre@yahoo.com I haven't decided which class I want to take first so I'm up for whichever my study buddy is going to take
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    I am lined up for June 1 as well.
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    Have you talk to your mentor yet? I am still waiting for their call to be set up for the classes =(
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    Have spoken with my mentor several times. I am studying my first two classes, nutrition and health assessment and am well into the communities/study guides for those. Hopeful that I can take both tests when my webcam arrives. Did everyone do EWB (orientation) yet? I think you get the mentor call after orientation. Make sure to download PocketWGU if you have an android or IOS - it had my mentor name on it long before the WGU site did and a day or so before she called me.
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    I finished the orientation stuff 4 days ago, and I have access to course materials and things under "my degree plan", but I have not heard from my Mentor yet either. I assume the mentor answers this question once they do call, but does anyone know how long it takes for the webcam to arrive?
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    I asked my mentor that a few days ago - she said they don't send it out until the term officially starts - kind of a bummer, as I was hoping to just take those two assessments on day 1! LOL. Wouldn't help most likely, as I think you need to schedule assessments ahead of time.

    I have a LOT of classes to take (transcript appeals were a no-go), so I am trying to power through and get at least 30 units this term. Should have 12 done fairly quickly, we'll see on the rest.
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    You can't just take the assessments - you have to schedule them with the proctor, and there are things you have to do to get things set up with the camera that takes some time. The test appointment is usually a minimum of 48 hours after you schedule it , IIRC.
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    Yah, I figured that. But if I had the cam I might be able to at least schedule it on day 1 (for a later date). No worries, I'll just start working on another class until it gets here.
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    Took the pre-assessment for nutrition and got 90%! Now on to finishing up study on Health assessment. Hoping to be ready to take both as soon as term starts (when it can be scheduled, of course).
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