Need Help with a online Micro w/lab course ASAP

  1. Hey everyone!

    Has anyone found a Micro with Lab online that does not go by semester but can be done anytime and is self paced. I need a class asap and can not find one except Straighterline.

    The lab kit is so expensive and hard to come up with the money unless I just don't pay a couple of bills to get the kit.

    If anyone knows of one that I can take asap because I need it for my nursing packet.

    The summer and fall semesters will make it too late to get into the date we are working towards.

    I have checked out threads and most of the courses people are mentioning are not available or are done on a semester basis.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    I am working on my pre-licensing nursing packet for the Southern California area.

    That is one major thing that is holding me back.

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  3. by   Theone40
    Hi Shondaj I took micro through . I loved it the professor was awesome and they have 3 different time frames that you can take the class. It is also accredited have a better chance of transfer then straighterline.

    If you sign up with straighterline you can get items from which could save you money. That is how I did A&P
  4. by   ShondaJ
    Ok thank you!

    I was looking at that website but could not find where I could take a micro class now. They only offer semesters. I want something similar to straighterline. Sign up take the class finish it on my time, take the exam and finish. Semesters are not within my time frame.

    The school I am going to be attending uses straighterline as their credit partnership so they take all straighterline credits. I will check the other website as well.

    Thank you so much!!!
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  5. by   ShondaJ
    How would you know what to get from the homescience website?
  6. by   cjcaet
    NursingABC or portage learning is a 4 credit online course with lab. Just make sure the schools you are applying to will accept it. ALL the schools in my area will accept it (hospital adn program, cc, and three 4yr colleges.)
  7. by   ShondaJ
    OK thanks. I took a look. They are alot more expensive. I will see if WGU will accept them for other students who may want to use them though.

    Thanks again!

    I think Straigherline will be my best bet. WGU does accept their credits because they are in partnership.
  8. by   lvn24
    Hi shondaj, do still have lab kits for a/p I, II and micro for straighterline?
  9. by   blueberry01
    Hi, pls does anyone have the list for the things in the microbiology kit from straighterLine so I can buy my stuff from home science because the kit is so expensive...thanks...