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  1. I am considering WGU for a RN-BSN or RN-MSN bridge. I have a unique situation in which I work a ton, but my second job is home health where I am at the bedside of a single patient for a 12-hour shift overnight. During these shifts, I have tons of time on my hands to read, watch tv, etc while my patient sleeps (just tube feeds/meds, diaper changes, etc here and there). The family is perfectly fine with me having my laptop and studying or whatever. In fact, this was how I got through Excelsior for my LVN-RN a couple of years ago while working constantly. I can literally devote something like 25-35 hours a week to studying just during downtime at this job. (my other primary job is ICU, in case you are curious)
    So, my question is, does the coursework in the WGU program involve mostly reading, watching videos, writing papers, and otherwise studying in a way that can mostly be done in a setting such as this? Excelsior worked great for me because I could read and study at my convenience and then schedule tests and stuff ahead when I knew I would be available.
    I understand there maybe some other projects or assignments that will require additional efforts that are not satisfied by sitting in front of a computer, such as interviews of officials, research of an organization, assignments at our place of work, etc. But, as long as these are reasonable, may I assume that MOST of the work can be done in front of a computer as described earlier?
    I hope this all makes sense.
    thanks so much
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  3. by   rachel33138
    It sounds like WGU will be a good fit for you. I also work home health overnight and have plenty of downtime, that is why I decided they will be a good fit for me. By the way I think you should go for the RN-MSN....
    I will start in May.
  4. by   skoolrn
    Absolutely do RN-MSN!!