Anybody starting WGU RN-BSN in Jan. or Feb.?

  1. I am leaning towards a Feb. 1st start date, everything is done, I'm admitted, just waiting to hear about financial aid, which is the last thing that is holding me back from committing fully to WGU. I am already registered and ready to go on some prereqs at the local community college for Spring, I fully hope to drop them and start at WGU instead, but if they are too slow I'm going to go ahead and start at the CC, because financial aid is worked out and the classes are paid for. Hopefully I will hear something from WGU soon so I can make up my mind once and for all. Anyone else in the process of starting at WGU soon?
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  3. by   Mommy2be
    I actually just started a 2/1/12 board, I'd love to chat with someone while I finish this. I'm shooting for 1 term. I mailed my transcripts on Monday so that is all I am waiting for right now. I'm also anticipating that I will have to appeal taking a nutrition class, so hopefully that doesn't take long.
  4. by   cosmicmama
    Mommy2b, my nutrition class from nursing school was almost 20 years old, and they accepted it. They accepted everything I've ever taken, which makes me really glad that I took a stats course 8 years ago in preparation for doing my BSN then (which didn't happen). I have to take algebra and biochem, which I expected because I didn't have ANY math or chemistry in nursing school (I placed out of the math, and had taken chemistry in high school so I didn't have to do them in nursing school). However, what I didn't expect were the other two classed that WGU says I need, which are a humanities and a communications (public speaking?) class. I just got off the phone with WGU and am a little disappointed with my financial aid reward. I am going to make up my mind once and for all in the next couple of days. I am still leaning towards a Feb. 1 start date at WGU.
  5. by   Mommy2be
    I sure hope they don't make me take anything extra. I tested very high on my placement tests in college, so I did not have to take anything except the regular pre-requisites for nursing school. I graduated in 06 and started college in 02 so I would think all that stuff would be good. I don't have a nutrition class but I did take a phyed class that was 3 credits and had everything to do with nutrition so I'm already planning on appealing that one. I definately know I'll need human growth and development because I didn't take that in college. My counselor said they have 10 days from the time they receive transcripts to review them, so if I don't here anything in 2 weeks I will call them. Either way I figure WGU is cheaper than anything else around even if they do make me take some extra things. <sigh>
  6. by   cosmicmama
    I took phys ed too....phys ed and nutrition aren't remotely in the same ball park.
    FYI, I emailed. after I hadn't received my transcript eval after 14 days, they hadn't even started on it, but then they had it done by the next day after I asked about it. My admissions counselor gave me the email address to the transcript eval department. If I hadn't bugged them about it, I probably would still be waiting.
    If you didn't take chemistry or math in nursing school, expect to have to take statistics, math and biochem. I have always tested high on placement tests, which is why I never had to take any math in college. I was actually getting ready to CLEP algebra, but I read that WGU doesn't accept CLEP credit, so I have accepted that I will have to take the class, but I hope I can fly through it. Biochem is another story....I haven't taken any chemistry since 1986!
  7. by   Mommy2be
    That stinks. I took trigonometry and aced it in high school. I refuse to take a math class. I did take statistics and biochemistry in college so i should be good. My counselor did tell me to call the dept after 10th days or else they will sit in your transcripts. I have jana smith and so far she has been great and always responds or calls me personally. Next week I will do my interview and then should be set. I'm super excited!
  8. by   FocusRN
    I am trying to get in for January. Still need to have my transcript review finalized, and send docs to financial aid. I am so ready to start this and get it done.
  9. by   Mommy2be
    So I'm extremely pi$$ed off. Got my evaluate. The did not except my micro saying it didnt specify that there was a lab! Are you effin kidding me! I sent the the course syllabus and she still denied it. She said the course number was different and they need the original syllabus....which by the way doesn't exist anymore. Such a hassle. No one will return my calls from my old college. She is putting my thru hello trying to get a letter from school stating the course number has changed. I have to take 3 math classes since I didn't take any math in college because I placed out of it. Some stupid speech class also. I'm very disappointed and not sure if I'm gonna go with them anymore.
  10. by   cosmicmama
    That sucks, Mommy2be. My start date has been severely delayed (at least July 1st). Here's why.

    Keep in mind, I had already registered at the local community college for some prereq classes, my federal Pell grant had already been approved and applied to my account and I was set to go. The week before last I finally made up my mind to go with WGU, so I dropped all the classes I had registered for at the CC and I had to call them and tell them to release my financial aid funds so they would be available to WGU.

    I got separated from my husband in 2010 and divorced a few months ago. WGU financial aid department emailed me and said that since I was not separated for at least 6 months in 2010, I was going to have to file an amended federal tax return with the IRS changing it from "head of household" to "married". First of all, doing so would involve some cooperation from my ex-husband, and we are not in touch anymore. Second of all, I WAS the head of household, even before we separated my husband was unemployed for two years. Third of all, my other college didn't have any problem with my FAFSA, in fact, I've never heard of such stupid crap, since it is a moot point now anyway, it is 2012 and I am DIVORCED. I refuse to amend my tax return, so I am going to wait until the new FAFSA from 2011 takes effect, which will be July 1st. I am going to be on vacation for two weeks in July, so I will probably wait until August.

    So I had to go BACK to the community college website and re-register for my classes. They are all on vacation until Monday, so I don't know if I'm going to have to start all over with my financial aid approval or what, I suspect I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for my tuition and HOPE to be reimbursed. The good thing is, the three classes I am going to take will take care of everything but Biochem and my nursing classes if and when I decide to go back to WGU this summer.
  11. by   Mommy2be
    Aww..thats sucks! I wonder why they did that to you or if you were chosen for review randomly. I'm very disappointed, but I guess with an AAS they view each individual class, which meant I was screwed. But I looked at other programs, and they too required most of these. If I want to get to my ultimate goal of APNP, then I need to deal with it. It's still the cheapest program around.

    Can you try to call the WGU financial aid department and speak to someone else? Or even FAFSA? I'd still try!
  12. by   Mommy2be
    On a brighter note, a really nice guy from the transcript department gave me credit transfer for the micro class without a hassle. The lady I had previously talked to was a major B****! So I'd give someone else in the dept a call, it seems like you just have to talk to the right person.