Already in, or have completed the pre-licensure program

  1. I'm wondering if anyone in the pre-licensure program at WGU, or has recently completed it, cares to share their thoughts on the program? I've been working on finishing all the pre-requisites to apply early next year. I live in UT, and the pass rate for the program is one of the best in the state, and they have multiple cohorts begin each year. I'm most curious to know if you feel like you are missing out being in the pre-licensure program as it is mostly online coursework. I've taken pretty much every college course I have under my belt online because it's what works best for me. I feel like I would love the in-classroom experience more than more online course work, but I like almost everything about the WGU program. I'm also starting a new job at a hospital that offers a discount to WGU which is an added bonus Do you regret doing the pre-licensure program over a program from your local cc or university? What are your thoughts on the way the courses are set up in the program?

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  3. by   kk80
    I'm currently in the pre-licensure program. I am happy with my choice so far, it is the best fit for my lifestyle and needs at this time. That said, everyone has unique needs and you have to figure out whats best for you.

    Once you complete the initial 6 month pre-licensure term, you will have monthly labs prior to your clinical intensive. Albeit, it is not the same as seeing your classmates and instructors daily but you do have more frequent interaction beginning your 2nd term to the completion of the program. I don't feel alienated as my cohort have created group chats in WhatsApp and Facebook to touch base, ask questions regarding material etc. and we tend to speak daily.

    As I am in California, which is a very competitive for nursing programs. I do not regret my decision. While it is more expensive than a community college program, I will be graduating with a BSN vs an ADN. In California, many hospitals will not hire you without a BSN so this program was a necessity to make myself more competitive in a challenging job market for new grads. The other private programs I was admitted too were significantly more expensive than WGU and cost was definitely a factor in my decision.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   kellymarie1537
    Hi KK80,

    I am also in California and was looking at WGU, too. I'm already and LVN, but it seems WGU does not have a bridge program, so it seems that pre-licensure is my only option with WGU.

    How is your schedule? How does it work with your work schedule, assuming you're working, that is. I work in a clinic M-F. Do you think that'd work?