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  1. I haven't started my first course yet. I just completed the beginning steps of applying, taking the readiness exam and sending in my transcripts.I am worried about the performance assessments. How is this set up? Are these research papers? Are you given a lot of time to complete them or are they required to be completed in the matter of hours?I am not confident with my writing skills. Writing papers has always caused me some anxieties. I am concerned that WGU might not be the program for me if the performance assessments are written exams that need to be completed within a timed structure. Thanks!
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  3. by   klone
    There are two types of assessments: objective assessments and performance assessments. Objective assessments are actual exams, and they can be done either at an official testing site, or in your home with the aid of a webcam (there is a proctor watching you via webcam as you take the exam).

    The vast majority of assessments in the program are performance assessments, and they consist of research papers, essays and powerpoint presentations. You are given as much time as you need - the program is all self-directed and work-at-your-own pace. Each class takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and they usually have 2-4 performance assessments for each class. You read the instructions, look at the rubric, and then write your paper, taking however long you need to do it.

    Hope that helps answer your questions.
  4. by   safarirn
    Thank you, Klone. When you say, "you take as long as you need to complete it," does this mean you can work on the assessment for days or even weeks?
  5. by   klone
    Yes, that is correct, for the performance assessments (papers).

    For the objective assessments, you schedule a time to take the exam and you sit down and take it.
  6. by   safarirn
    What a relief! You just eased my mind tremendously!Thanks a million!
  7. by   Fcat
    Hello everyone, I am going to take my Casal 1 Assessment on Sunday, I am super scared and anxious, does anyone have any words of advice for me, anything will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!!