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I find it kind of creepy that this board knows & tells everyone where we all are and what we are looking at . Why is this ? I'm fairly new to BB .... Read More

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    I think I have posted the county that I live in, but I don't think that someone would come looking for me. At least I hope not!
    I'm like most of the rest of y'all, I lurk on here and read the posts and reply when I have something to say.
    I would never get on a chat line and give out my address or phone # to anyone.

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    I've noticed nursey1 hasn't replied back telling us what she means. I get the impression she's talking about where on the board we're "lurking at" rather than our physical location.
    Care to clarify, nursey1?
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    I think that every BB I have been on has that feature that tell who is reading what. I have never felt threatened by it.
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    Me neither

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