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Princeton Community and area

  1. 0 How about some help if anyone can answer these questions. I got a call from an old classmate last PM, she is going to mail a resume tomorrow to this facility. I do not know a thing about this facility, so does anyone on this site have any info I could pass on to her? Good, Bad, or Indifferent.
    Will appreciate any responses, Blessings.
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    I haven't been there in more than 10 years. I was hired there out of nursing school but the drive was just too far. I only did 2 shifts in college but I loved it. It was very clean and the staff were awesome.

    I also worked with a doctor that moved there. We arent allowed to post names but he was a great surgeon.
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    Thanks. I told her there was not too much participation on this site, but I would try.

    She is in NC and needs to come back, her mother is very ill. I guess the pay will be less but I would think the benefits would be o.k. I think her mother lives close to that area now. Used to live in Oak Hill.
    Have a great week.
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    Worked in that area as a medic until we moved to Huntington in '95, and worked as a tech in the ER at PCH. Always has been a good hospital. Enjoyed working there - the staff at the time was really good and generally friendly, and I know alot that are still there even now. Hospital has a decent reputation. They have recently added a new OB/womens wing that is very impressive - was there last year when my neice was born. All in all, I'd say its definitely worth checking out.

    The area is very family friendly and a good place to raise kids. LOTS to do within an hour or 2 drive. We lived in Athens, and I'd move back there in a heartbeat. Awesome town, and only 10 mins to Princeton. Property prices not really bad, considering the market.

    Tell her to check the website - they are always hiring.