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    This state has to have the biggest bunch of crooks running it of any I have ever seen. Yet, the people keep voting them back in !

    What gives? This is the poorest state I have ever seen.

    Obviously the politicians and lawmakers are getting verry wealthy off of the backs of the poor.

    Ordinary citizens here are taxed to death.
    For example;
    Recently a law was passed that $1 a week would be collected from everyone who works in Charleston but does not live there.
    My last 3 paychecks had $ 2 deducted under the expense of "city tax."

    Yesterday, the lawmakers passed a law EXEMPTING themselves from the $ 4 a month charge.

    This character who is running for governor- - - reams have been written about his pappy (Granpappy?) who embezzled millions from the state during his 50 yrs in office.

    What goes on here? EVERYONE is complaining. Yet I haven't heard a single voter say , "I'm going to vote differently next time."

    Don't vote a straight ticket. Go into your voting booth and vote out EVERY incumbent. (Everyone who is running to be re-elected///every one in office NOW .)

    This is the only way to bring about change.
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  3. by   barefootlady
    I never vote the "ticket." I vote the person who I think will do the best job, unfortunately, once elected it seems they all revert to the old boy system and no real changes take place. I am in a real pickle right now, Manchin is not my man, but he has all of the biggies backing him.
    People here are so ingrossed in making a living that the political agenda is low on their priority list.
    The 1.00 surtax for working in Charleston is crap. I no longer have to worry about paying it. The thing is now that it has been started, there is no where to go but up.
    Personally, I love the way the police push "safe, sober driving" then announce where the check points are going to be. There are so many ways to avoid the check points that only an idiot gets caught.
    Saw where Sandy. Bob Wise's wife is working for Social Sercurity in DC. Guess she will scam that system too.
  4. by   passing thru
    Yes, Manchin has all "the biggies" backing him.
    These are the same "Biggies" who have gotten rich off of the backs of
    poor West Virginians....

    Are you saying if West Virginia voters went down the ballot and voted OUT every incumbent - - - -

    that nothing would change? That all the new ofice holders would
    metamorphose into the same type of characters they replaced?

    Your assessment sounds like any hope of an honest government in West Virginia is hopeless.

    It's never been done before. Poor ignorant West Virginians are soooooooooo impressed by lawyers. When a candidate announces he is a lawyer, they knock themselves out to vote for him.

    Well, I can promise you, if we vote them all out....

    lotsa eyes will be opened.... lotsa political eyes.

    They want these gravy train jobs. They all have -both hands- in the state treasury.

    today on the news:
    there was something about a busted water pipe or something in Kenova. The announcer said people will have to boil or buy water for the next 3 days.
    THEN.... he said the Kenova city water purification plant and system is "over a hundred years old.....!!"

    And, our tax dollars are building water treatment plants for Iraq'i's.
    How many thousands of OTHER U.S. cities have 100 year old public water systems?

    Every West Virginian who votes for an incumbent DESERVES more taxes, more unemployment, higher gasoline bills, higher heating and other fuels rates, roads full of potholes, inadequate health assistance, and boiling drinking water on a stove....
  5. by   barefootlady
    Yes, I am saying that even if all of the present elected officials were voted out of office, a lot of what goes on right now, would just happen again. The "underground" system of power is very much alive and well in this state.
    Politicians make deals, the people who have hidden power in this state would make deals with the newly elected officials to continue to line their pockets with our tax dollars.
    I am not ignorant nor impressed with a person who says they are a lawyer, doctor, or sheriff. I know too many of them.
    We have a very closed society here in the hills, we are seemingly trusting and easily lead, but things are not what they seem here.
    Lots of people in this state have learned to play games and work the system. Something tells me you have never been to one of these meetings.
    I know about decaying water systems, no sewer service, poor roads, mud slides that occur over and over again in the same place, lottery money that is ear-marked for the elderly but only a special bunch really benefit from this money. I know how a lot of the socalled social improvement programs work in this state. We have a well known program less than 6 miles from my home, I have tried for years to have certain irregular situations investigated, but nothing changes. So now, if I feel like doing a good deed, or helping someone in the community out, I do it quietly and without notice or knowledge.
    I did not participate in the nurses march today, and why, because it will not change a thing. This bill will pass, but as someone closely working with this issue stated, there is more here than meets the eye.
    Like my granddad used to say, "we used strangers and politickers for target practice ". Some people would think he had a good idea .