Nurses are underpaid in WV

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    OK, let me vent a little. I live in Parkersburg, and around here, they don't want to pay RN's squat. It is unfair. I took a paycut to go work private practice, but to me that was worth not working holidays or weekends. But even the hospitals don't pay squat. I only took a 50 cent paycut per hour to have my own office. I read some of the other posts saying they make 40-50 dollars an hour. That is twice what I am making now.

    I wander how beneficial it would be to get a BSN or MSN. Living in WV, I can't see where I would make that much more money with those letters behind my name.

    Thanks for listening to me vent!

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    I know that in southern WV an LPN makes around 9-10/ hour, i make more than that in Shen Valley, VA, as a CNA here.

    CNAs there make a quarter more than minimum wage. It's ridiculous.

    The RNs back home made 13-14 and hour if thye were lucky enough to find that "high" paying job.
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    Originally posted by Nutty RN
    I read some of the other posts saying they make 40-50 dollars an hour.
    WOW!! Where are they paying that much?? Have you looked at facilities just across the river in Ohio? I can't believe that anyone is making that kind of money--unless the cost of living is significantly higher.
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    I will graduate in Dec and the hospitals in my area are paying new grads about $17.50 an hour. I will probably stay in Mason county or go across the river to Ohio, not sure yet. I'd hate to think of driving to Parkersburg or Charleston everyday to work, I'm driving to Parkersburg 3-4 times a week now for classes and clinicals. (WVU-P, Camden Clark). My cousin's daughter just graduated from a medical assistant class and she has a job making $12 an hr. She gives shots and everything, she gets overtime every day and has the weekends and holidays off. I don't know if they hire RN's there, but I may look into it. I'm sure they'd pay RN's more, at least they should.
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    well i have heard that the 40-50 dollar an hour jobvs are in calif.. but the cost of living there is outrageous currently i am in texas and i sure dont make that kinda money in fact am trying to move back to the wv ky ohio area here while the pay isnt bad they are reducing our hours to the point that we lose anywhere from 12-36 hrs a payperiod.....sheeeeeeeeeesh am lookin in the charelston wv area.....any inside scoops i should know?? thanks trishie
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    WOW! In what state is it legal to let a nursing assistant give any meds, let alone an injectable med!! Scary!! That has to be illegal.
    I live in upstate NY (Rochester) and the average for a new grad at the hospitals is $16-17/hr, however I am leaving in a week and a half to make $22/hr, perdiem at a LTC facility doing medical rehab nursing. I have my BSN (and a BS in Health Ed) and make no more money than if I had my ASN. However, long term I want to be an RN Life Case Manager /Rehab Case Manager, something along those lines and know I'll need the BSN then.
    The $16.50 I am making now working Labor and Delivery is not nearly enough for the responsibility I have and the work I do, not to mention the stress some days!!
    Any other medical rehab nurses out there?? I hope I am happy with the change I am making. Any input would be helpful.
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    Here's some info on employment at CAMC (in Charleston) CAMC

    ANd here's info about pay
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    sarah.thanks for posting the link for me greatly appreciated. if you wish to let me know, do you also work at CAMC? Can understand if you wish not to divulge this. Again a big TY trish
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    No, I do not work at CAMC. I start LPN school in January. We will do some of our clinicals there. I do want to work there. I am hoping to acheive employement with them as an LPN and take advantage of their educational scholarships to get my RN. There are certainly more opportunities for RNs (not to mention higher pay). I also hope to finish out my BSN and apply to CAMC's Nurse Anesthesia school. It's pretty ambitious, but I am also highly motivated.

    I have been a CAMC patient (was treated at their lvl I Trauma Cntr) and most of my family has been treated at one of their facilities or another. Some people will talk badly about CAMC (my friend's mother, an LPN for 30 some years -- she quit the Neuroscience unit over issues with her smoking -- apparently CAMC has issues with smokers -- who can blame em though). She now works for a home health company.

    I know that the starting RN pay at CAMC is $17/hr, and Charleston has a pretty low cost of living, for instance, my parents own an apartment that they rent out for $500/month utilities included and it's a two bedroom. Good luck with your move here. I like it, and I have lived in PA , VA, FL, OH and KY. The people here are nicer than any other place I have lived.
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    I graduated in 2002. As a Registered Nurse, my starting pay was $14.52 an hour. It went up to $15.10 an hour after 90 days. When I was in nursing school I thought nurses were paid $20.00 an hour starting out. Boy was I surprised.

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