Nurses are underpaid in WV - page 3

OK, let me vent a little. I live in Parkersburg, and around here, they don't want to pay RN's squat. It is unfair. I took a paycut to go work private practice, but to me that was worth not... Read More

  1. by   K O'Malley
    I understand that the pay in Huntington is better than many other places in WV. It really stinks in Charleston. I understand that CAMC is also cutting bennies.
  2. by   Peyton
    Golly, moving from San Francisco to Elkins, I must admit the cost of living is SIGNIFICANTLY lower here.

    I mean...stoopid-affordable. Our house payment (on 2 1/2 acres) is less than a new car payment!

    Unheard of back home!
  3. by   Peyton
    Wanted to add...our property taxes are 78.00 per yr! Is that just...I dunnooo...what is that??? Incredible??!!