Nurses are lucky here.

  1. I just returned from a 2 week vacation in Wisconsin, Green Bay to be exact. While there is no great shortage of nurses there, the need is still there for nurses. I was surprised to learn that in the Aurora system the nurses wear some sort of tracking device, yes, it shows everywhere the nurse has been for that shift. Even the bathroom, elevator, break-room. It is said to be a device for measuring efficiency???? One nurse my daughter knows gave no notice and quit last Monday, she said her HN told her she was taking too long admitting patients. It seems this nurse had a string of elderly admits who were not too sure of their meds, allergies, and etc. She was allowed to give her reason for taking too long but was told to shorten the process anyway. I hope no facility here gets this bright idea. I have worked at times and had admits who could not speak and only scant info sent from the LTC. It usually took a call to the facility to get the info needed to complete our forms. I think I would be called on the carpet a lot if I had to wear a tracking device. It was always my thought that if a light was going off and I could answer it, I did, so I am sure I would be shown as being all over the place. I seem to be the one who has to give the med that takes forever to get unless you go after it or the one who has to do lots of IV restarts, so I guess this tracker would show me spending lots of time in places other than the floor. I used to have lots of patients that needed a nurse to accompany them to MRI too. I never thought about it really, but I guess this is a new thing coming. Any thoughts on these devices? Would you want to wear one? Would you work where these devices were used?
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  3. by   Saoudishabiba
    No way would I wear a tracking device! Talk about Big Brother watching you. How could you do your job efficiently always wondering if you took too long to pee?!? That is craziness to me. I hope that kind of tracking system doesn't come to WV!
  4. by   Blackcat99
    NO. I would never wear one of those devices. However, I know how badly they treat their nurses in West Virginia. It wouldn't surprise me if they would start asking WV nurses to wear them too. Hopefully not, good luck.