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Heard on the local news and it is being ran as a lead line on network WV under Beckley, nurse shortage in southern WV is over. Does anyone want to comment on this? Yes or NO. I know there are a lot of nurses not working, so... Read More

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    Quote from barefootlady
    WOW, 2 whole nights while he is passed out from drinking beer. Too much for me .

    LOL.. I do work at the VA.. I am an ER nurse. While working agency I got to sample several of the different hospitals in the area. I was amazed at the VA. Nurses came out of rooms and stopped me to say hello and introduce themselves since I was a new face.. and that was while I was working there as Agency. When I came on full time, I got hugs, and congrats.
    Now you have those that like to whine.. those that complain that the coins in their pockets are too heavy.. that comes with the job.. you just make a barbed joke and go on. Good sarcasm is an artform. heh.
    But over all.. I work with some great folks.
    Some of the people I knew in my agency days do the 3 day weekend thing up in Cinci, share motel expenses, have the rest of the week off.
    Pretty sweet..
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    Frankly, I am tired of the same old song and dance here. I have applied for my Ohio license, have spoken with an agency or two, and have some plans. I just do not want to hear about how NO ONE does it differently anymore. I know the VA has some good folks working there and others, well, they do not like a job anywhere. I am glad you are happy and wish you much continued success in your choice of VA nursing. The vets deserve all we give them and more, I am reminded of that everyday. Have a happy 4th.

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