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Anyone in MD attending Mountain State University Lpn-BSN program? How is it,how long is the program. This program is the only option for me right now and would really like to get my BSN. All information and any info would be... Read More

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    Has that person mentioned what their current plan is now that their original plan was derailed? I actually spoke with a representative of Mount.State and was told that those students who's graduations were delayed r/t the accreditation problem, would be directed to UDC and other DC metro schools to help. Apparently, Mount.State has a relationship with those schools and they are aware of what has happened. I don't really know every detail though. My reason for calling was only to question if they were ever going to get the accreditation back--still don't have that answer. Whatever happens, I'll pray for those folk.

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    The student that I spoke with lives in Huntington, WV and is 7 hours (without traffic) away from DC. I also know another student that is at least a year away from graduation and her instructors have said, "We'll figure something out". That doesn't sound very promising to me.
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    Quote from FutureRN9
    I was told by a current student that no class will be able to graduate from any of their LPN-BSN cohort programs due to their accreditation being pulled. They have been on probation for a long time. Honestly, I have heard nothing but horrible things about the school.
    It was my understanding that the accreditation pull wasn't going to affect the current classes, just that they cannot admit anyone to any new program right now. I work with someone doing LPN-BSN and they are set to graduate next May.

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