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    Does anyone happen to know the current RN new graduate starting salaries of the Huntington hospitals -- specifically Cabell and St. Marys? Thanks.

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    Probably around 22-23 dollars a hour.
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    Last I checked, starting pay is around 19-20 for GN's, then goes to about 20-21 for you as soon as you pass your boards. Increases are fairly liberal - after about 3 years you'd be around 24-25 per hour. Benefits in Huntington (either hospital) are VERY good compared to others. This area is much more competitive than most in the state...
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    Yeah about 3 years ago I was looking for a job. I think I was offered around 19.00 hour (not a new grad) in Hurricane and had a job offer at a Huntington hospital at 24.25 an hour I think. That wasnt counting shift differential so Huntington is a great place to work. I have a friend I think who is making close to 28-29 dollars a hour. Sometimes I kick myself for not taking that job.
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    I have 20+ years of ICU/CCU nursing and was just offered $29/hr from CHH for an ICU position. They seem to have a great benefits package too.
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    I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Cabell.
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    Thanks for the responses. I, also, have heard nothing but good things coming from Huntington. And sadly, nothing but bad things coming from Charleston. Even though I live in Charleston, I fully intend to be working toward the West when I graduate
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    Quote from bluelorelai
    I have 20+ years of ICU/CCU nursing and was just offered $29/hr from CHH for an ICU position. They seem to have a great benefits package too.
    I've worked critical care at CHH for 3+ years and love it. Just like any place, alot of it is what you make it, and there will always be something that someone's griping about. But overall, not a bad place to work. The ICU is cool, SICU is even better. As for me, I stay with the kids (PICU), but the adult services are great as well.

    Welcome to the family!!!!
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    Thank you! I did interview with Fresenius, but was sorely disappointed in both the pay and the benefit package.

    I've accepted the position in SICU at CHH, hopefully all will go according to plan and I will be joining the ranks of happy nurses that I hear so much about.

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    Hey Joe! Where ya at. We're headed back that way August 15th. I'm not sure what number to get you at.

    Let me know!


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