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Does anyone happen to know the current RN new graduate starting salaries of the Huntington hospitals -- specifically Cabell and St. Marys? Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   cpnegrad07
    Quote from LovePurple
    anyone have any ideas the range I should be expecting for a new grad position?

    another question to add... anyone know what st francis and thomas offer to new grads? How do their benefits compare?
    Thanks for ANY current info on benefits and pay at any wv hospitals!!
    Thanks again!
    about 18/hr, 2% matching 401k, 10hr/month vacation, etc.
    just ask them--they won't mind, as they are trying to sell themselves to you. As the pre-employee, you have the upper hand. Enjoy it!
  2. by   Jdl2002
    Just to update this thread for anyone else who may be looking. I am an RN nursing student graduating in May. I was just offered a job a St. Mary's. Base pay is $21.60 with night and weekend differential of $0.65. Health insurance is available after 3 months and 100% of the premium is covered by the hospital.