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I recently been having a hard time explaining to my girl-friend that new grad RNs in WV are NOT making $27 to $36 an hour. We live close to CAMC, and I'm a new nursing student so I know they are... Read More

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    I just quickly tapped into the compensation section of the CAMC website. The payscales for nurses are clearly listed.
    17/hr for new grad- weekend diffs and offshift diffs of 1.25 each.
    For experienced nurses- The above with a 1.25 experience diff plus a 1.25 Critical care differential
    Add it all up, around 1.25 per hour for each diff- still doesnt come even close to 27/hour,much less 36.
    A critical care nurse with experience who works weekends on the night shift caps out at )I am assuming the base pay is 18.25 for experience plus 1.25 for weekend , plus 1.25 for evenings or nights plus 1.25 for the critical care specialty caps out at: 22.00 per hour
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    Thank you, I will now print and prove my point to my friend!
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    CAMC used to have a "weekender program". The requirements were to work 24 hours from 7P on friday to 7A on monday. They did take out taxes, but did not pay benefits -- the pay for day shift was $32/hr (more for nights, I think). This was not a float pool, each unit hired the number of "weekenders" they needed. I think the point was to give regular staff more weekends off while not paying benefits to the "weekenders". I know they had this program still in place in 2002-2003 because I did weekender work at CAMC. I think they have since stopped this program. Hope this info helps.
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    No, the weekender program was still in place last year for specific units. The ones that have lots of staff turn over. But once again, this is more for the experienced nurse, has no benefits, and does require you to keep informed of all new inservices, attending meetings, and prove competency yearly. It is a good program for those who can give up every weekend, do not need benefits, and can put up with the drama on some of the units.
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    A med center here in Illinois has this program available. 3 12- hour shifts a week, saturday and sunday always and one other 12 hour day during the week. They get benefits package but unlike the rest of the nursing staff, get a PTO program which accrues at 6 hours per month instead of the usual defined vacation and sick day program. Shift diffs, of course and the total package adds up to 32/hour. This group also works most holidays. Its a choice if making as much as possible is the goal. However, for some, it turns into a pair of golden handcuffs. When someone wants to transfer out of that program to another unit or one of the ancillaries in that hospital, their hourly plummets( from their perspective) to the norms of 20 or 21/hour plus shift diff.
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    I am an LPN in a long term care facility and I make 16.35 an hour, so I think that would be possible
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    i believe you friend is correct. CAMC used to have a baylor program and many hospitals are bringing them back. these are where a nurse contracts with the hospital to work 24 or 36 hour week ends for $27-$36/hr. This is every week end. I know at our facility per diem nurses get $27/hr during the week and $36/hr for the weekend-no benefits, no quaranty of hours.
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    For the OP... I just graduated and passed NCLEX, and got hired at UK in Lexington KY.

    Reading from my interview documents:
    New grad, $18.50/hr
    [they gave me RN +2 yrs for my 17 years in respiratory, making for $20.25 starting pay.]

    Evening diff: $1.50/hr
    Night diff: $4.25/hr
    Weekend diff: Add $3.50

    No diffs or overtime during orientation phase. But after that, *if* I take all weekend night shifts you can see that I'll make $28/hr tops.
    And that is gonna suck for this old guy... but I'll have to do it.

    So it's not peaches everywhere. But I am well aware that I'm not condemned, and will just do my time in the trenches and move up when my day comes.
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    I worked for CAMC before going to anesthesia school. I think the starting wage for new grads is somewhere between $17-$18 hr. with shift diff. They have a weekender contract that is offered. You work 2 twelve hours shifts once or twice a month. The pay is $32hr for 7AM to 7PM or $36hr for 7PM to 7AM , you are not eligable for benefits with this. If you want to work extra I am sure you can but it will be for the per diem rate of $27 hr (i think its still that). You need to check with the HR Dept. I don't think the weekend jobs are offered to new grads. Most depts will hire new grads, even the ICU that I worked in. They just hired 14 new grads this summer, several had worked as externs for 1 or 2 years. I know some RNs that worked out west where there is a real shortage and they did get almost 30 hr. but the average nurse in California is making around $100 grand year. This is because of the shortage, and cost of living. This came from nurses that worked there the last 2 years. When I started there 11 years ago the starting pay for new grads was $12.50hr. Good Luck

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