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HCA to sell all hospitals in WV - page 2

Does this affect any members here? If so, have you been given any clues on how this may affect your jobs? Were you, as staff, given any clues a sale was in the picture? Do you think CAMC will... Read More

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    Sorry, but I thought that was just the way HCA does business. Staff nurses
    here are treated like trash by HCA, managers too, but I have always noted that most of the managers are willing to do anything to keep the job. I am dumbfounded that more nurses here just keep on taking so much crap. I never realized how much until I was away for awhile.
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    Lifepoint is a spinoff of HCA.
    Specifically, They are "buying" alot of the hospitals that HCA has already put into bankruptcy.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
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    Lifepoint takes over sometime this month--it is really scarry. Doctors are upset, nerves are on edge. When and where will the axe fall?