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Does this affect any members here? If so, have you been given any clues on how this may affect your jobs? Were you, as staff, given any clues a sale was in the picture? Do you think CAMC will buy St. Francis in Charleston?... Read More

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    this is from an hca employee at putnam general. there are many other issues here that need cleaned up before it can be bought. .. which can be holding up the purchase of the whole group. morale is getting low and adm is getting the camc attitude. right now everyoe is just trying to hold on to their jobs and it doesn't look like any light at the end of the tunnel with lifepoint.. ask someone from logan general lifepoint owns them too. yes the new owners will be lifepoint(i hear a spin off of hca) you didnt hear this here.

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    Well, I already knew this was an HCA spin-off. I know the attitude is bad at PGH, staffing is low, morale is even lower. I heard that everyone is ready to start looking into jobs in Huntington and Galapolis. True???
    You must be referring to the law suits against PGH and that doctor who was a real disaster for his patients. That, my dear will take years to clear up.
    How do you like your CEO? Little different? Little uncaring with employees?
    How about just down right rude if you are not a "money-maker" for the facility?
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    They bought our succesful non- profit Duke affiliate and they are quickly destroying it with cuts in supplies , workers, services , RN's, CNA's, RRT's,
    CRNA's, Unit secretaries,etc.. The pt per RN ratio is going up in the CVICU.
    The floor nurses are sometimes 12-1 even the surgical floors.
    GET AWAY FROM THEM, THEY arenot About the pt's or the employeesTHIS is a money seeking corporation not a health
    care community minded org in my opinion/ experience.
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    Sorry, but I thought that was just the way HCA does business. Staff nurses
    here are treated like trash by HCA, managers too, but I have always noted that most of the managers are willing to do anything to keep the job. I am dumbfounded that more nurses here just keep on taking so much crap. I never realized how much until I was away for awhile.
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    Lifepoint is a spinoff of HCA.
    Specifically, They are "buying" alot of the hospitals that HCA has already put into bankruptcy.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
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    Lifepoint takes over sometime this month--it is really scarry. Doctors are upset, nerves are on edge. When and where will the axe fall?

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